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Facts about Construction Accident Claims

construction accident claimsWorking in construction sites are the most risky task to do. Hence, the number of accidents is much more in these places. Right from building a new construction to renovation of the old, construction workers are vulnerable to receive severe injuries. But, then, if employees are harmed due to the negligence of the employer, the victim has the right to be compensated. A work accident victim not only suffers from immense pains but also have to endure loss of money. In the UK, lot of construction accident deaths have been recorded over the last few years. Some resulted because of the employee’s carelessness while at work, whereas the rest has happened due to the negligence of the employers. Every employer is obliged to look after the health and safety of the workers, and if they have failed to do so, they can be penalized. If you believe that your employer is responsible for the damages caused and you have enough evidences to prove them, contact the specialized solicitors working on no win no fee basis.  They ensure to pursue the work accident claim on the clients’ behalf. They deal with the below mentioned types of construction accident cases.

  • Falling from heights
  • Failure of safety equipments leading to accidents
  • Slip or trip accidents
  • Cuts and wounds while handling sharp objects
  • Lack of training

If your case falls under these cases, you may have a deserving case to win compensation. However, you need to be sure about the fact that the case is still valid to be claimed for. Normally, in the UK, any form of accident at work compensation claims should be filed within the tenure of three years. Well, there are exceptions too. For instance, if an employee is suffering from an injury or disease that is unlikely to be cured soon or presently doesn’t have any treatment, the plaintiffs along with the assistance of a legal advisor can submit a petition at the court, explaining the health condition and its reasons stapled with appropriate evidences. Only if the council permits, the victim can get an extension of the deadline.

A Few Pointers Plaintiffs Need to Prove to Receive a Successful Value of Compensation

  • The injury has solely happened because of the employer’s negligence
  • The injury marks are the result of the injury suffered in the construction accident
  • Failure of the employer to provide health and care to the employees
  • Damages endured by you are all because of the construction accident

A medical report is one of the major evidences that can prove almost all the above-mentioned points. Apart from this, to prove the financial expenses inflicted upon the victim as a result of the construction, the bills are required. Be it hospital bill or medicine bill, the claimant is eligible to receive compensation for all. Thus, if you or your loved one has received injury because of construction accident, consult with an experienced solicitor to know about you and your acquaintances right under the UK law.

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