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Forklift Truck Accident Claims

Were you a driver, or member of staff involved in a forklift truck accident at work in the last three years? If you, or a member of your family have suffered injury as a result, you may be eligible to make a no win no fee claim for compensation against the person responsible.

Examples of compensation for common forklift truck injury claims:

  • Knee or ankle fracture with expected recovery in 6-12 months: £6,000 – £9,250*Forklift Truck Claim
  • Moderate injury to pelvis or lower abdomen: £8,250 – £17,500*
  • Serious leg injury short of the need for amputation: up to £89,000*
  • Moderate below-elbow injury: £8,250 – £21,000*
  • Back injury resulting in damage to ligaments or muscles: up to £18,250*
  • Head injury accompanied by minor brain damage: up to £28,250*

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Can You Make A Claim?

Forklift trucks, also known as ‘reach trucks’ are a necessary mode of transport for busy warehouses and factories, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggest that on average, one worker is seriously maimed or killed every eight weeks in the UK as a result of vehicles toppling over, or drivers reversing without due care and attention. Forklift trucks come in many guises, and although they may not appear dangerous, they can easily tip when stacked with too many pallets. There is also increased risk of an accident occurring if the driver has parked on a slope or uneven surface whilst in the process of lifting large quantities of stock. Not only could the truck tip, those in the vicinity could also be injured by falling boxes or equipment.

Forklift truck injury claims can be filed by anyone injured as a result of an accident, although statistically, are more likely to be brought by the general public, operatives and ground-staff working in the vicinity of vehicles. Forklift truck accident claims may also be filed by visitors and maintenance workers to a company’s premises, if it can be proven that negligence was a contributing factor to their injuries.

Claiming Compensation After A Forklift Truck Accident

Injury compensation is a monetary award usually paid by the insurer of the employer at fault. Broken limbs and head injuries are synonymous with forklift truck accidents, often impacting mobility and necessitating time off work for recovery. Such injuries can invariably increase the amount of injury compensation you’re entitled to due to the time it takes for recovery, and potential for future mobility problems. Your employer is required by law to hold adequate Liability Insurance, which means if you suffer injury and file a claim, the insurer will usually honour any settlement for damages.

Damages for injuries and loss of amenity form only a small part of the compensation settlement for most forklift truck injury claims. You may also be entitled to special damages for consequential financial loss or unnecessary expenses, such as loss of earnings, medical fees and costs associated with specialist care.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you of your entitlement to additional damages based on the results of your  case assessment. Find out how much you could be entitled to. Contact us using the online form for a free appraisal of your claim today!

Workplace Safety and The Law

If your duties involve driving, or working in the vicinity of lifting vehicles such as fork-lift trucks, your employer must ensure that adequate safety measures are in place to reduce the likelihood of preventable accidents. This obligation is formally set out under the Work and Safety Act 1974, which stipulates that all employers have a duty of care to ensure the workplace is free of any obvious hazards.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998) also sets out the legal responsibility of employers to ensure equipment handlers are sufficiently trained in the use and maintenance of lifting vehicles. If your employer breaches this legal obligation by failing to ensure lifting vehicles are adequately serviced and maintained, or that drivers are suitably qualified to operate such vehicles, they will be responsible for any damages arising from forklift truck accident claims made against them.

No Win No Fee Forklift Truck Injury Claims Experts

Our highly acclaimed work accident solicitors are keen to help you navigate the legal process without adding to the stress and financial uncertainty you’ve already suffered. Our no win no fee guarantee eliminates the headache of legal fees because all costs are sought directly from the party at fault. Win or lose, you’ll never be liable for disbursement fees, and if your claim is successful, we guarantee you’ll receive 100% of the compensation you deserve.

Could you be entitled to compensation for your recent accident at work? For unbiased advice concerning your  case, contact our forklift truck accident claims team today by calling the free claim helpline number. You’re under no obligation to proceed with a claim, however we could provide you with a decision regarding your case in a matter of minutes!