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Health And Safety Executive HSE Fined company £10k Over Injured Employee

A worker, aged 44, in Widnes was left severely injured by fire following a work accident involving a blast that caused him to collapse from a chemical storage container. He had been performing maintenance work on the container at Hutchinson Technical Services [HTS] Ltd. when the chemical steam in the interior caught fire and caused a blast. The employee, who has requested to remain anonymous, was flung away from the container and tumbled 2.5m, alighting on a metal girder underneath.

Health And Safety Executive [HSE] accused HTS subsequent to an inquiry into the mishap at the workplace on May 13, 2010. The court heard how the worker had been permitted to work over the top part of the tank with no preventive measures to avoid him being wounded in the event of an accident at work.

Halton Magistrates Court took notice of how he was hit out cold while he tumbled to the floor, and experienced scalds on his right arm and right leg, in addition to damaging his ribs.

He was hospitalized for the night and was off work for numerous weeks due to his wounds.

HTS was sent a notice immediately after the incident that was intended at avoiding employees from accomplishing work above the tanks with no proper defensive tools.

HTS, which services and renovates tanks for the chemical and additional industries made arrangements for a cage to be fixed to the top part of tanks within two days in receipt of the notice. It has ever since initiated the use of additional safety equipment like harnesses.

HTS implored guilty to violating Regulation 6 (3) of the Work At Height Regulations 2005 Act by lacking to make safety provisions to avoid injuries to employees in case of a fall. The company was penalized £10,000 and instructed to pay £3,588 in hearing costs.

Past the hearing, Lisa Lewis, the investigating inspector at HSE, said “The employee’s work injuries could have been much worse, and he could have been killed had he struck his head when he landed. HTS was able to introduce the use of new equipment within just a few days of the incident happening. That has significantly reduced the chances of workers being injured in similar situations.” She believes that this case should act as a warning to other companies that need employees to work from a height. Taking simple steps could prevent workers being injured.”

The sufferer has the rights to claim compensation for the injury caused at the workplace. They can seek help of no win no fee solicitorsto handle such cases. This story is also on the Runcorn and Widnes World.


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