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Highlighting Various Ways in Which Office Accidents Can Occur

"accident at work"In an office setting, it is not normally expected for there to be accidents as the office setting is seen to be one of the safest environments to work in. This is not the case though, as in the UK there have been a number of complaints with regard to this issue.  As opposed to working in highly dangerous and risky settings such as construction sites or factories, there are also many accidents in the office environment. However these accidents may not be as major but they also have to be looked into and taken seriously regardless.

Ways in Which Accidents Occur

In the UK there are quite a number of office accidents claims. There are many ways in which one can have an accident in the office. One of these ways is when handling sharp objects like pins or staplers. This can be dangerous when one gets pricked, causing a serious infection. This is also due to slippery floors, wires lying on the ground causing trips, and electric shocks due to improper wiring.

Another way is due to falling objects. This is very common as there is improper storage of boxes or lack of firm fitting of cabinets. According to a blog article it is stated that 5000 people employed in retail sectors suffer from injuries from falling objects. This is also due to over stacking or overloading of shelves with objects causing this to be this to be a hazard. Doors can also be causes of accidents in the office. Some doors can swing very hard and hit workers on the face causing damage.

Office accidents can also happen indirectly. This means that one does not necessarily have to come into contact with danger directly. An example of this is by seating. If there are no comfortable chairs this can cause complications, like back problems. Therefore one has to be very comfortable while seated in the office as this can be over a long period of time. Chairs should also be inspected, as they should be firm enough to avoid breakage.

Light and temperature are other factors that can cause accident at work cases. If the lighting is not good enough, this can damage the eyes causing problems for the worker. The lighting equipment can also be dangerous, as there some bulbs that if broken can cause cancer due to the filament. There also types of light handlers that swing or are suspended and these can cause one to trip over.

With regards to temperature, there should be a way that everybody is comfortable with the heat or cold variations in the office as workers may have allergic reactions. Therefore the temperature has to be reasonable. Over all, the workstations need to be suitable for the worker. The desk should be big enough for anyone to be comfortable sitting. The edges shouldn’t be sharp and that the arrangement should be well fitted. This enables those in the workplace to walk safely without meeting an office accident.

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