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HSE Implementing Rules for Ascertaining Health and Safety at Construction Worksites

Recent reports published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have revealed that the number of injury and deaths at workplaces has come down this year. The government is happy that the rates of injuries and fatal workplace accidents are lesser than that recorded last year. In spite of the noticeable decline in work accident rates, HSE is worried about the workers getting seriously injured due preventable mishaps in worksites and is implementing rules and regulations to ensure a safe and healthy work accident at workenvironment. According to HSE, it is the responsibility of both the employers and the workers to maintain a risk-free workplace and help in the prevention of accidents at work.

Health and safety is a necessity for all businesses, especially the ones dealing with construction projects. Construction undertakings involve the use of heavy machines like forklift trucks and transportation of huge materials, and a minimum carelessness in handling these machines can result in an accident at work. Most fatal accidents in the construction industry take place in smaller building sites. More than 50% of the fatal accidents at work occur due to slips and trips, falls from high-rise apartments and accidental falls of roofers. Other injuries in construction worksites results due to the collapse of excavations, short circuit and faulty machines engaged in lifting operations.

Construction work accidents are banal in the United Kingdom. Every year, hundreds of workers suffer injuries and irreparable physical damages while at work. Most of the instances are the consequences of risk-prone work environments, faulty machines, careless co-workers and lack of safety equipments. Many instances of workplace accidents have been recorded where the mishap is caused due to mishandling of machines by untrained workers. As a construction business owner, you should undertake the responsibilities in ensuring the health, safety and welfare of your employees engaged in construction works. Not all the construction business owners in the UK follow the workplace safety rules and this leads to catastrophic outcomes. The HSE claims that an employer has a duty of care for all the full time and part-time employees, trainees, sales persons, customers and the members of public who might be passing by the worksite.

Law has been implemented to urge the small builders maintain the safety and security of a workplace. Those undertaking small construction projects need inspect the hazards ad risks associated with their work. They must plan and supervise the construction process and make sure that it is performed safely and without posing any risks to health and security. It is important to inform and train the workers engaged in the construction project so that they can handle the work processes with utmost expertise. The training program should provide the workers with in-depth knowledge on the risks associated with construction work processes and offer guidance regarding what type of precautions should be adopted to prevent work-related mishaps. The smaller builders need to undertake only those construction projects that do not possess threat to health and safety of the workers.accident at work

The employees should be act responsibly to prevent the occurrence of work accidents. They should handle the machines carefully and remain alert while executing the work processes. If an accident occurs in spite of adequate precaution, the injured workers and the witnesses of the mishap should bring the affair in to the notice of the employer. As per the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), informing the employer about an accident at work is a must since it helps the injured employee to file work accident compensation. Like the employees, the employer is also obliged to record all sorts of accidents that might have occurred in the worksites. If a worker is suffering from some kind of industrial ailments, the construction business owner must report the incident to the HSE. If the worker remains in the hospital for more than 24 hours, the builder should bring the instance into the notice of the HSE.

The Health and Safety executive is still endeavoring to bring down the everyday risks to the workers in a worksite. The introduction of the no win no fee system has performed an excellent job in conveying the message that the business owners are bound by a care of duty to the workers. If they show negligence in maintaining their duty of care, they will not only be questioned by the HSE but will be held responsible by the injured workers.

The implementation of the no win no fee system has offered great security and hope to the injured workers. Previously, when there was no law safeguarding accident at workthe workers against possible injuries at work, the injured employees used to remain silent about their injuries in the fear of losing job. Now, with the no win no fee system into effect, a worker who has sustained an accident at work can
file work accident compensation claims if the occurrence has taken place due to no fault on his part. He can seek suggestions and help from a professional no win no fee solicitor to file the case. The lawyer will collect the details of the case, go through the medical documents to get an idea of how severe was the injury. He will gather the written opinions from the people who witnessed the incident during its occurrence. Accumulating these documents will help the lawyer in establishing the case before the judge. The court will examine the case details; call both the victim and the guilty party to get their opinions regarding the instance. After assessing the case thoroughly, if the court finds that the injury is genuine and the employer has a direct or indirect contribution to the accident, the guilty party will be ordered to pay a specific sum of money as work accident compensation.

As far as the no win no fee system is concerned, the lawyer is not supposed to receive any payment in advance. He is entitled to get his fees only if he wins the case. The compensation money is usually paid by the insurance company of the guilty employer.

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