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Injured in an Office Accident? What to Do Now?

Injuries that seem minor can become chronic and life-threatening for the victim. Thus, accidents should not be avoided and proper prevention should be taken within the work premises to lessen the number of office accidents. When, accidents at work occur it not only stakes the life of the victim but also the good will of the business. Hence, it is essential for the employer to look after the safety and security of the workers. At times employees also come out with fake accident cases to drag good amount of compensation from the "work accident"employer. However, if the company’s authority preserves safety standards within the office then, such lax accident reporting might not happen. But then, if your employer has failed to provide health and safety to the employees, then he is definitely entitled to pay for the damages of the victims, irrelevant of the fact it is financial or non-financial. Scan through the below mentioned domains to know when your case is claimable.

  • Spillage of liquids on the work floors might cause severe slip and trip accidents within the business. Though, the sweeper is supposed to be blamed for such negligence, but then it is an equal failure of the employer as he could not supervise well whether the allotted work is performed.
  • Haphazardly placed wires might also cause severe injuries to the workers as they might trip and hurt their back and neck, leading to whiplashes.
  • Machine failure is one of the most often caused work accidents. Though, it might also cause because of the carelessness of the workers or lack of training, yet again the employer can be blamed for the same as they are expected to train the employees before asking them to work with a new machine. Moreover, the same can also occur as the result of improper maintenance of the machine. Hence, it is the duty of the employers to look after such needs.
  • Working in an area that is exposed to harmful chemicals can cause fatal disease to the workers such as, mesothelioma, lung cancer etc. Hence, the victimized worker has all the right to file claim against his employer. In case, the worker is dead, the employer is entitled to compensate the family for the loss of their member.
  • Unhygienic work condition can also spread several health diseases, forcing the workers to remain absent from the work place.

Whether the case is claimable, can be answered best by the no win no fee solicitors working in the UK. These lawyers offer no win no pay services, according to which they are entitled to provide no cost advises to their clients. On signing such a lucrative agreement the plaintiffs might avoid the extra financial burden on them.  Read on the below mentioned domains to know the ways to help the lawyers in securing a hassle-free no win no pay work accident claims.

  • Provide Vivid Information: The victim or the family members of the injured should gather correct and proper information about the accident. The details of the time, place, and date should be given and the category of accident should also be mentioned. So that it becomes easier for the lawyers to claim apt compensation for the injured depending upon the types of the work accidents.
  • Gather Evidences:  The injured should collect authentic proofs of the workplace accident. One may take snaps of the then injury and the object that caused the accident. Remember, visual evidences will give an extra weight-age to win the case. Moreover, today almost every cell phone has cameras so it wouldn’t be a difficult task to do.
  • Thorough Medical Check ups: With the pains and sufferings the medical expenses also keep on multiplying. Thus, the victim should be taken for regular medical check ups as medical certificate is needed to file a claim against the guilty. It will help to decide the amount that is to be claimed.
  • Account of Expenses: The injured must keep a record of the expenses incurred due to the office accidents such as, various medical expenses and repairing expenses, if any.
  • Select a Suitable Lawyer: One should choose an expert lawyer to deal with the case. It is advised to select the one who is experienced in dealing with both complex and simple cases and have been handling the work accident claims on daily basis.

Even though, you appoint a solicitor it is very essential to maintain harmony with them so that the work is continued well. Cooperate with the lawyers by providing them the necessary information about the accidents at work. It is suggested not to hide anything from them as it might create misunderstanding. Give them enough time to study the case and work accordingly. Be up-front when you talk about the damages endured in the accident, so that they might calculate a fair value of compensation for the plaintiffs. You might find innumerable specialized lawyers such as, medical claim solicitors, car accident lawyers so on and so forth. But then, it is suggested to select the one catering on the category of your claim.

Why to Appoint an Office Accident Solicitor?

Well, if you think that the opponent party would do nothing other than attending the court hearings, then it would be stupid of you to think so. The accused would be equally ready with the heap of papers to defend themselves. Quite often the lawyers might manipulate the case taking an advantage of the worker’s ignorance about the claiming procedure. Hence, in such a situation office accidents lawyers can help you to educate yourself about the nitty gritty of injury claims at work, thereby securing fair value of compensation. Read on the below mentioned domains to know more about the services and facilities provided by these lawyers.

  • Professional Guidelines: The lawyers might help the victims to learn about the nuts and bolts of the legal procedure and gives lawful tips on securing hassle-free compensation.
  • Collect and Pile the Evidences: On behalf of the victim the solicitors gather the evidences against the accused employer. If the victim is unable to collect the medical report, the plaintiffs might do the same for him as well as it helps to decide the deadline of the tenure and calculate the amount of the compensation. On collecting the proofs they stuff them in a file for a systematic representation of the claim.
  • Calculate the Amount of the claim: With the medical report, the lawyers determine the amount for both financial damages and non-financial damages of the victim. Financial damages include the present and the potential medical expense whereas; the non-financial losses mean the pains and sufferings of the victim. Though, with the help of the injury report the clinical expenses can be recovered but then, there is no formula to calculate the value for pains and sufferings. The no win no fee solicitors consider the severity of the injury endured by the victim in the work accident to determine the value of the compensation.
  • Representation of the Case at the Court: The lawyers make sure to collect all the evidences against the guilty and present them at the court.

Thus, if you are unable to move around the corners of the court, the lawyers will surely assist you in the same. Once you have appointed them, they are keen to take up all the responsibilities regarding the court case. However, as mentioned earlier, that endless solicitors work in the UK, thus, it is essential to choose the suitable ones amongst them. Scan through the below mentioned domains to know the points to consider whilst appointing a lawyer.

  • Qualification: The work accident advisors should have a minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree in law. Though, there are many who hold associate and diploma in the same. With higher education the chances of fee hike is much more.
  • Specialization: Along with medical claim solicitors and car accident lawyers you might also find the accidents at work solicitors. Being a victim of such type of accident it is suggested to choose a work accident no win no pay solicitor.
  • Experienced Lawyers: In a law firm both experienced solicitors and the interns work together. If it is a complex case it is advised to consult it with experienced ones.
  • Honest and Patient: The lawyers should be honest with their dealings. As a claim might take a year or more than to get sanctioned, thus, it is important for the lawyers to maintain same kind of enthusiasm in the case.
  • Show Interest in the Case: They should be keen to assist the victims in the claiming procedure. See that they provide you the plan of action according to which the proceedings of the case would be made.
  • Behavior: Make sure that you don’t appoint anyone who has been accused of misbehavior with the clients, may how good he is at his work.

On meeting with them discuss the fee structure and seek for their expert comments on the office accidents.

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