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Is Office Accident Claimable?

"work accident"Though, offices aren’t accident prone places but then, it does take place as innumerable office accidents claim are reported each year. The accidents in the office could have been avoided with little precautions and sometimes, simply using common sense. The employer is entitled to provide safety and security to the workers but then, on failing to do so he is expected to compensate the victim. There are many victims who in the fear of running out of his job do not file claim against his employer. But you should know that legally the company’s authority is expected to keep an insurance to deal with the emergencies of the company and the compensation is paid with such insurance. Scan through the below mentioned types of occupational accidents.

  • Back Injuries: whilst carrying heavy loads such as, machines might cause back injuries to the employee. Continuous lifting and carrying of heavy objects might develop major injuries that might last for life long. The medical expense after such injuries might incur whole lot of financial burden upon the victim, thus, a claim might help to pay out all the medical expense of the victim.
  • Slip and Trips: Whilst working, the employee might slip on the work floor due to spillage of liquids. Such carelessness from the part of the company’s authority can strain neck and back of the worker and might also result in fractures. Or else trip accident at work can happen as the result of obstacles on the walkways.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury: Such injuries can be caused as the result of continuous typing without any relaxation or breaks. It might result in severe pains in the wrist, hands and the victim might feel weak in the affected areas.
  • Electric Shocks: Badly wired and untested electrical equipments might give electric shocks to the workers. Thus, all the electrical wires should be tested properly to avoid any work accidents.
  • Fatal Disease: Exposure of harmful chemicals in the company might cause deadly health diseases such as, mesothelioma and cancer that can lead to death beds as well.
  • Neurological Disorders: Today, almost in all workplaces high-end technology machines are used thus, there remains possibility of developing white finger vibrations because of the harmful rays of the machines and slowly it might lead to various neurological problems.

Having being endured the above mentioned types of office accidents and injuries, the employee is entitled to receive compensation. With the given amount of compensation the victimized worker can now pay all the expenses whether it is for the medical expense or solicitor’s fee. You might appoint no win no pay lawyers who will not charge anything from the victims until they win the case. On winning the claim the clients will be able to pay their success fee along with the legal fee. Once log in the websites of lawyers you will get to know more about their services and facilities offered to the clients. The victim can report the injury to the accident management agencies who might conduct sessions with the employer and employee to make them aware about the safety in workplace.

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