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Know How to Avoid Accident at Work

In the UK, a 27 years old worker of a fabric manufacturing factory lost a finger whilst at work. His left hand was caught in a rotating cog when he was giving effort to remove a fiber from the machine. The worker was very much aware of the processing of the machine but still he put his hand inside it and hence it got trapped and he had to lose his finger. Later he claimed for compensation from the manufacturer. The fiber manufacturer was fined £ 6,500 and was asked to pay £ 5,577 in lawsuit cost. The manufacturer was accused of failing to protect the employee from getting access to the deadly parts of the machine. Whilst accident at workproviding a claim to the victim in cases as such where indirectly the worker is also responsible for the injury, the third party might feel heavy at heart while sanctioning the claim. Hence, to avoid accident at work the business owners should follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Employees Health and Safety Responsibilities: It is the duty of the business owner to look after the safety and security of his employees. His should ensure secured work environment to the employees. If he fails to do so then an accident at work can give drain him financially and can drag him to the court as well. The employer should keep well equipped machines and shall make the employees aware about the dangerous parts of the machines, so that they are aware while at work.
  • Safe manual Work: The business owner should provide user manual guide to the employees, so that they can understand the maneuverability of the machines properly. The safe manual guide should include, the ways to handle the machines, the dos and don’ts while working with machines, safety precautions while at work so and so forth. This might be able to help the employees to maintain safe work in the factory or in the office.
  • Workplace stress: Workplace stress can often make the workers careless while at work that can be a major cause of accident at work. But as a matter of fact workplace stress cannot be avoided as well. Thus, in this case, the business owners can try to reduce the work stress by carrying out the work in a playful way. The entrepreneurs should allow the workers to refresh themselves by allowing indoor games within the work area and maintaining a good rapport with the workers. This will also enable the workers to work efficiently.
  • Training: The employees should be trained by some trainers who can help them to understand the safety measures while using a machine. They will also make them learn the various tactics of self-defense if any sudden accidents take place at the workplace. The trainers will educate them about the various technicalities of using a machine. This might prevent the employees of being negligent while at work. Moreover, this will also help the business owners to avoid accident at work claim as all these training will reduce further possibilities of accident at the work place.

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