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Know your rights to stay protected against Office Accidents

office accidentsLike all the other developed countries, office maintenance and management in the UK receives special importance from both owners and maintainers of office premises. However, occasionally there are instances of office accidents and many of such cases, negligence of owners in maintaining the office premises come forward. If you have suffered a situation like this in the recent past, then you have the legal capacity to file a compensation suit against the concerned authority for the injury caused. With an office premise, accidents like slip trip and fall, injury caused due to lack of supervision or accidents due to presence of obstacles. In fact, an estimation of past few years suggests that there has been a considerable rise in the number of office accidents. In order to stay protected against injuries of different magnitude, it is important that you know as much as possible about accident at work laws.

Types of Injuries Caused in an Accident at Office:

Generally seriousness of an accident at office is moderate or minor. However, in a few cases things take quite a dangerous turn, amounting to fracture of skull or bones, injury at the spinal region, whiplash, concussion or even haemorrhage. If these conditions are not treated immediately then consequences can be life changing. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of an employer as well as owner of the office premise to provide overall protection to health and safety issues of workers. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is providing special importance on these aspects in the recent times. If an employee suffers from any type of injury whatsoever within an office premise and it is proven that the situation has resulted due to negligence of office owner/concerned authority that is expected to look after the safety issues then the offending party is liable to compensate the plaintiff according to the nature of the injury.

Grounds for claiming compensation:

  • That the maintenance workers were not careful enough about the wires and left one or unexposed that led to the trip and fall
  • That obstructing objects weren’t completely removed from the office floor and you were either hit or tripped over them
  • That the company wasn’t sincere about providing employees with quality equipments, such as chairs, computer minors and constant use of these faulty devices has resulted in some type of stain related injuries
  • That the staircase wasn’t properly maintained and the floor condition was also inappropriate for free movement, leading to accidents and the authority failed to provide correct notification of the areas of danger within the office premise
  • That as a maintainer of the office premise your employer didn’t train you enough about the methods and usage of critical equipments, leading to accidents

The victims of office accidents may talk about their problems with leading law firms of the UK. Providing the correct evidence not only increases the chance of being compensated but also allows you in receiving 100% of the estimated compensation amount. In order to make things simpler, the leading law firms also provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a free legal consultation only to find out your scope of winning the case.

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