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Ladder Accident At Work Injury Claim

Keep 100% Compensation For Your Ladder Injury Claim – With No Deductions

Have you suffered injury following a ladder accident at work within the last three years? Whether you’re a painter and decorator by trade, or your job necessitates working at height in a busy factory or warehouse, there will almost always be an increased likelihood of injury if you fail to carry out a risk assessments before starting work. According to statistics, there are approximately 4,000 ladder work injury cases reported each year in the UK, of which, nearly a quarter result in some form of serious injury or disablement. The level of compensation you’re entitled to will usually depend upon the particulars of your case, such as the impact of your injuries on general mobility and expected period for recovery.

Examples of compensation settlements awarded for some of our most recent ladder work injury cases:

  • Moderate back injury causing some residual disablement: £18,250-£25,500*
  • Mild back injury with no impact on mobility (expected recovery in 2 years): £5,150 – £8,250*Ladder-Accident-Claim
  • Severe back injury resulting in disk fracture or orthopaedic complications: £45,750 – £53,000*
  • Fractured ribs or clavicle with recovery in 6-12 months: up to £26,000*
  • Moderate shoulder injury, such as dislocation (expected recovery in 2 years): £8,400 – £12,600*
  • Above-knee fracture or break with no long-term residual disability: £9,200 – £15,250*
  • Serious fracture to elbow or wrist causing substantial disability: up to £39,300*
  • Moderate head injury resulting in brain damage/ cognitive problems: up to £144,000*

Your overall compensation settlement may differ somewhat from the representative examples shown, as these do not include damages for consequential financial loss. Special damages may apply if you have suffered loss of income as a result of being off work, paid for interim medical treatment, or have had to pay travel costs to attend hospital appointments. Our work injury solicitors work on a strict no win no fee basis. As our own costs are recovered from the other side, we’ll never make any deductions to your compensation. If your claim is successful, we guarantee you’ll receive the full value of any final settlement.

For a more in-depth appraisal of your case, contact our accomplished ladder accident claim specialists by calling our free-phone helpline. With just a few basic details, our work injury solicitors will be able to provide a tailored quote, coupled with any advice you might require before deciding to proceed with your ladder injury claim.

Ladder Accidents – Do You Have A Ladder Injury Claim?

For construction site workers and those employed in warehouse roles, ladders are an essential equipment, however, any job that entails working at height carries a certain degree of risk. The Work at Height Regulations Act 2005 outlines strict safety procedures and considerations for anyone using this type of equipment on a regular basis, including guidelines for training personnel and maintaining equipment.

By law, your employer must make sure that all such guidelines are adhered to, and carry out risk assessments on a regular basis to minimise the risk of a ladder work injury. Risk assessments should generally include checks for dents, buckling, damaged feet and rust, which could render equipment unsafe for use. Your employer must also ensure the equipment is free of moisture, grease and oil which could present a slipping hazard. Failure to comply with these basic guidelines means that your employer is in breach of their duty of responsibility to employees. If an accident occurs and it is subsequently found your employer’s inaction was a contributing factor, you are well within your rights to file a ladder accident at work claim for compensation.

Ladder Work Injury Claims – Your Rights As An Employee

You may feel apprehensive about filing a ladder accident claim against your employer, however it’s important to note that neither your position with the company or working relationships need be affected by taking action. Firstly, your employer cannot legally dismiss you for commencing legal action after a non-fault accident, and if they do, you may be entitled to pursue a separate claim for unfair dismissal. More importantly, your actions will not have any adverse consequences for your employer, or affect his/ her reputation. All companies who employ personnel on-site are legally obligated to hold Liability Insurance. In the event of an accident claim made against them, the insurance provider will usually honour any claim for damages, as well as any legal fees incurred.

If you believe your employer is even partly at fault for your recent ladder work injury, our accident at work solicitors are here to help. Contact us for impartial advice on making a no win no fee ladder accident claim, or use the online form provided to arrange a convenient time for us to call you back.