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Laws of Filing Office Accident Claims

office accidentsDid you suffer an injury while working at your workstation and you are scared to claim? The UK solicitors can help you in this. At this point of time, when you are in a confusing state whether to claim or not, a professional advise becomes very necessary. The legal advisor can help you understand your rights to claim. You may be afraid of loosing your job if claim office accident compensation from your employers.  Well, how far your boss is concerned, he is liable to take responsibility of any work accident injuries that has occurred to the employees. They are basically supposed to look after the safety and security of the employees and if they show any breach of care that resulted in work accident, they are liable for it. Many employees don’t know about their rightful compensation. A good and a responsible solicitor will surely explain all about the facts that are involve in a claim.

Work accident can be difficult to make a successful claim. This probably because you will have to show that the injury you have received is caused by the ignorance of your employer. But, this is not always the truth as you it is rare to find that the employer is directly responsible for the accident at work. If you slip and trip in the office floor, the cleaner is supposed to be blamed here for being unable to perform his job properly. Well, then, having being injured with the premises of the workplace that too because of the negligence of one of the workers or your colleague, the employer is responsible for this. If any accident happens within the work premises, you need to tell the employer so that he can note it in the accident book, in order to avoid such type of work accidents further.

Under RIDDOR act of 1995, your employer is required to report the work related accidents and any work diseases or any fatal occurrence. The information that is passed on to the HSE helps the employers to prevent other office accidents, thereby reducing any other risks for all employees. A work injury claim can be filed if you have injured your hands, inhaled something that is harmful for your lungs, hit your head so on and so forth. These can occur because of manual handling of heavy machines or equipments, exposure to harmful chemicals or inadequate training. Explosive chemicals, heat, electricity and flammable gases can also cause workplace accidents.

If you came across an office accident and it wasn’t of your fault you have civil and legal right to claim compensation. Remember, you can only file a claim within the tenure of three years. Exceeding the deadline might lead to cancelation of claims. Hence, it is important to consult a legal expert who can guide you thoroughly and help in the preparation required. To avail their services and know more about them you can browse through their website.

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