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Learn How to File Industrial Disease Claims for Asbestos Related Sickness

It is a widespread notion that compensation claim can only be filed for road accidents, slips and trips and other sorts of accidents where evidences are quite obvious. But industrial disease compensation claim can also be filed for aftereffects that cause from working or living under unhygienic circumstances. These aftereffects may or may not be identified in one day and can be long-lasting in nature. Many have no idea about how to claim for compensation for these aftereffects. For example, people who suffer from asbestos related diseases least bother about filing a claim against the negligent individuals or entities. However, you should know that filing a compensation claim for asbestos related illnesses is an easy process all the through. Here are some worth-sharing work accident compensation claims tips on how to do that.

Asbestos related diseases-a brief overview

Asbestos related diseases mainly affect workers who work in factories and warehouses. Some employers do not care about installing safety equipments in their workplace premises and ensuring safety of their workers. This leads to employees getting affected by severe diseases related to asbestos. Many employees even die after years of suffering from asbestos related diseases. Asbestos exposure can lead to several diseases like mesothelioma, pleural thickening, and even cancer. You have been going through severe illness resulting from asbestos exposure you can easily file an accident at work claim against your employer. The objective is to ensure financial security and recompense the losses and damages.

Asbestos is banned-How is it existent till now?

It is true that asbestos had been banned in the UK way back in 1999. However, buildings built pre-1999 still comprise of large amounts of asbestos. The remnants can still be found in roofing, insulation, piping, chimneys and ceiling tiles and many others corners of offices, factories and warehouses all across the UK. These items can be found in shipbuilding, engineering plumbing, electrical and electronic, gas fitting, and construction industries. Warehouses and factories are comprised of these materials to a large extent. As per actual figures, every year 5000 people die in average in the country as an aftermath of asbestos exposure. Statisticians predict that this figure is going to mount up high within 2015. If you are an ill-fated individual battling against asbestos related diseases, you can take proper legal steps. Here’s how to file industrial disease compensation claims.

Filing claim procedure explained

You need to first meet a doctor and get checked thoroughly. If any asbestos related illness is diagnosed, you should collect the medical documents and the prescriptions. You are required notify your employer about the chronic illnesses with all the evidences in your hand. Send him a formal letter stating that you deem him responsible for your illnesses and going to file a claim for work accident compensation if no suitable steps are taken.

If no steps are taken within a week, you must contact a personal injury solicitor firm and hand over your documents and evidences to the. Briefly explain the agency why and on what ground you are willing to file a claim and they would be able to provide you enough guidance on industrial disease compensation claims for your pain and sufferings. Always take resort to ‘no win no fee’ claim solicitors.

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