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Lethal Forklift Accident at Work Kills Teenager

Accidents taking place at work sites are usually toll-taking as they leave victims fatally injured. But, now it seems that the unfortunate occurrences have taken a serious turn downward as a lot of accidental death cases are surfacing out in the newspapers every day. It is not only tragic, but is an outrageous and unpardonable blunder on the part of the companies to prepare the workers negligently for risky enterprises. Such was the case with a 19-year-old who lost his life in a severe accident at work. The boy, who was working with accident at workDesign Built Mechanical Inc. as a labor met a premature ending when a fatal accident took place within the work premise on Tuesday morning.

The company that has a resplendent head office located in Charlo has remained mum to the occurrence. As WorkSafe NB and RCMP are on the process of unearthing more facts from the evidence, they gathered a brief narration of the grotesque event from the fellow labors that were present at the site on the unblessed morning. It was a workaday climate at the Design Built. Reportedly, the young employee was at his work which started from 8:30. Half an hour later, around 9, forklift, which was supposedly loosely mounted on the vehicle, fell upon him. He was left trapped under the gigantic steel structure for the last few minutes of his life.

Paramedics responded to the call that appeared almost instantly. After a minute of examination, Sgt. Alain Tremblay, the paramedic office pronounced him dead. Details of the victim of the accident at work have not been disclosed to the media or public due to confidentiality reasons. However, the teen was a local from Charlo who was working as a common labor to make both ends meet like the rest. His family was notified after the pronouncement of the medics.

Police ran a thorough investigation of the incident and came to certain conclusions in support of the accident. The officers in-charge believe that the accident was caused by the collision of two heavy-weight forklift vehicles within the storage yard, which is spread out behind the company premise. The revelation naturally had a focus cast on the health and safety standards of the company. Assessments are being made to further the investigation process. Officers from the board of Safety and Health standards have been brought to see into the matter. A further probing is being carried out to ensure that the company’s workers’ safety policies comply fully with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

During the course of the fact-finding it was realized that the accident could have been prevented if Design Built’s safety policies had been more stringent. However, the family of the deceased has waged a legal war against the company claiming compensation for the loss through no win no fee solicitors. The family, as the lawyers spoke on behalf, is inexplicably aggrieved by the loss and is hoping to see some justice in the house of law. Since, the victim was a major earning member of the family; the dependants should be rightly indemnified to make sure that it wasn’t after all an all-loss situation for the innocents.

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