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accident at workOffice is a place where you come to earn your livelihood, which is important for securing the future of your family and yourself as well. However, such is the irony of life that sometimes is the quest for this security; an individual becomes victims of unfortunate situations. In the UK, the instances of workplace accidents are not rare. But seldom does a person expect that would suffer from the consequences of an accident within the very office premise. Office is considered as one of the safest of places and ensuring overall health safety of workers is provided with the highest importance. Unfortunately, this is not the same in every case. There are many such settings where owners of office premises stay reluctant towards showing adequate care and attention towards safety and security of employees. The increasing rate of office accidents in the UK is actually showing the declining standards of safety in office premises. People who suffer from such injuries, if convinced that the situation has occurred due to negligence of the authority and provide adequate evidence in support of their claim, and then they are eligible to receive compensation from the wrongdoing party, according to the English legal system.

Duties that Owner of an Office Premise Needs to Fulfill:

In order to secure health and overall safety of employees, there are several steps that an office owner needs to fulfil, such as:

  • Warning employees of the potential places of danger or injury with the office premise
  • Timely notification about the repairing jobs within the premise only to warn employees before hand
  • Maintaining the furniture and machineries with the office at a regular interval
  • Updating employees on the best ways of staying safe, especially when maintenance work is going on

Many employers are negligent towards these changes as they assume implementing these would not only reduce the productivity level but also would impact the overall revenue earning capacity of the organization. The HSE, on the other hand, have undertaken stricter stance towards implementing the safety measures. However, these efforts can never be successful unless people understand their rights and come up with the correct argument before a court of law. If you are capable of providing enough evidence in support of the observation that negligence of the office owner is actually responsible for your plight and the consequences are infringing your right to enjoy the civil rights, eventually the court of law will award you with adequate compensation.

Know the Grounds to Claim Compensation:

The claims for office accidents can be established on the following grounds, such as:

  • Accidents caused over tripping and falling incidents due to presence of objects left carelessly within the office premise
  • Fall due to slippery surface but no warning has been given
  • Malfunctioning instruments or furniture that caused the injury
  • Fall and trip over a damaged floor which is under maintenance

The leading law firms with the experience in dealing with personal injury cases will be glad to provide you with quality assistance. So, start your search today to contact one of these firms and provide them with the necessary details related to the office accident. Be assured that you will receive all sorts of superior help from the personal injury solicitor, who would attend your case.

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