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Measures to Avoid Different Types of Accident at Work

Injuries are the results of accidents caused on the road, at schools, at work, so on and so forth. In United Kingdom, the rate of accident at work is higher in comparison to any other places. According to the estimation of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is found that approximately 15 employees die each day on encountering severe accidents whilst working and almost 200 workers are taken to the hospitals for treatment. Moreover, 500,000 accidents at work are recorded accident at workeach year in UK. These accidents are considered to be a normal phenomenon as they cannot be foreseen. Not only injuries but diseases and various health related hazards may occur while working. There are different types of accidents that may occur while at work.

  • Accidents can occur while working at the construction sites. It could be a trip and fall accident from the elevated heights of buildings. Working at the construction site is a risky job to opt for
  • Accidents occurring due to the mechanical failure of the forklift trucks
  • Accidents taking place due to manual handling of heavy machines
  • Injuries happening due to the radiations of the high end technological gadgets
  • Accidents happening due to inefficient training
  • Hazards spreading due to poisonous gases and use of toxic materials

The usual body parts and organs that get affected due to work place accident are the hands, spine, lungs, head, eyes, skin etc. The effects of accidents upon the victims are tremendous. They not only lose their physical ability but simultaneously they tend to lose their mental strength as well. At this hour of need, a work accident solicitor plays his/her part to provide justice and provide a financial support to the injured and their family by claiming compensation from the guilty, on behalf of his client. But they tend to forget that the money drawn from the compensation is temporary. After the amount gets expended, the injured is left out with financial insecurity and mental instability caused due to the trauma of accident. Hence other than compensation, both the Government and legal lawyers should provide them with job security as well.

The compensation for accident at work claim could also be made by the family of the victim if he is dead. In the recent past, on 20th June, a family of a man who expired due to severe accident in one of the UK based companies claimed for compensation from the business owner. The man named Gary Currie was just 39 years old when he died at Baillieston. He was working on a project at Buchanan House in Glasgow, when suddenly his cable truck collapsed and that caused a fatal head injury to Mr. Currie. Even though, first aid and emergency services were provided to him still, the victim succumbed to the injuries. After this incident, the cops came and a formal investigation went on for quite a long period of time. The police basically investigated regarding the malfunctioning of the cherry-picker. The cops and the Health and Safety executive will conduct an enquiry over the basic reasons of the accident, in a motif to find out whether the employer of Mr. Currie is to be blamed or not. Depending upon the industrial accident report, Mr. Currie’s family will get confirmation regarding the compensation claim.

With the increasing rate of accident at work in UK, an upward slope of degrading human resource is tracked by the United Kingdom’s Government, which is depleting the workings of the industries and offices. Measures should be taken to avoid accidents in the work place to a certain extent:

  • Risk Assessment:  It helps to analyze the probability of risk and helps to work accordingly. Through hazard identification, exposure quantification and dose response analysis, the assumed problems can be mitigated.
  • Safety Training:  It is very important to provide safety trainings to the workers in order to tackle any accidental situation. Even safety checks should also be done regularly to avoid accident at work.
  • Control Banding: It is a management process that promotes health and safety measures. It gives a practical approach to the accident at workemployer and the employee to control the hazardous exposures to chemicals in the work premise.
  • Personal Equipment: Both the workers and employers should use few personal protective types of equipment such as, helmets, goggles and safety clothing to prevent themselves from injuries, burns and chemical reactions.
  • Mechanisms on Machinery: The machineries should be checked thoroughly so that it may provide smooth and safe working. The parts of the machines should be tested and should conform to recent safety standards. To avoid malfunctioning of machines, they should be purchased from trusted suppliers who will provide guarantee and free servicing of the machines, at least for a year.
  • Root Cause Analysis: It is an analytical process that aims at indentifying the nature, timing and factors of the accident that take place. It helps in redemption of further accidents.
  • Management Leadership and Commitment: The managers should have influencing leadership quality which will make the workers follow their instructions attentively because at times, accident at work also takes place due to the employees’ carelessness.
  • Inspections: Safety inspections should be organized for workplace accidents and hazards.
  • Safety Committees: Safety committees should be involved to make the employees aware about the safety measures and their necessities.

Hence, if a business entrepreneur maintains safety at workplace, he can avoid the probability of accident at work. Moreover following the above mentioned measures will reduce the loss of life and quality human resource as well.

However, if you are a victim of workplace accident then you can pretty well understand the necessity to stop the discrete occurrence at the work place as soon as possible. Hence both the employees and the employer should be aware of the workplace surrounding and if any difficulty is found whilst working, you should immediately opt for safety checks and measures.

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