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Military & Army Claims

Suffering any form of injury whilst under the employ of the Armed Forces can spell disaster for the careers of personnel. Injuries sustained whilst on duty are inevitably more severe and can often lead to a semi, or permanent withdrawal from service. Military accident claims are understandably on the rise as more Armed Forces Personnel are called up by the Ministry of Defence, however, not everyone may qualify for compensation. If you were employed by the MOD prior to 1987, the Crown Proceedings Act unfortunately prevents you from making a claim. If, however, you were employed after this time, you may be entitled to recompense for injuries and/ or loss, if it can be proven that negligence contributed to the injury sustained.

Military accident claims may be made for:

  •   Faulty or defective equipment
  •   Post-combat psychological trauma/ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  •   Common assault
  •   Road traffic accidents
  •   Medical negligence
  •   Injuries caused during routine training/ exercise
  •   Injury caused overseas within, and outside of conflict zones.

Military accident claims cover a variegated array of injuries and illnesses that may not be included above. At [company name] we recognise the immense personal sacrifice made by Armed Forces Personnel, and believe in fighting to seek justice for injury and trauma that may occur in the line of duty. Our solicitors work on a fee-free basis to secure the maximum amount of compensation due, with no deductions made for representation at any stage of your claim.

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Help For All Types of Military Injury

Any military injury is bound to cause undue stress and anxiety, however, if your injury is serious, the potential repercussions for  your professional career can be exceptionally traumatic. Injuries to service personnel usually require a period of absence for recovery, and in some cases, complete redundancy due to incapacity. With access to a broad range of support networks and professional expertise, our military accident claims solicitors can help you get on the road to recovery, and take care of any financial problems you might face. In some cases, we may be able to arrange interim medical care with a private specialist whilst your claim is being assessed, as well as home modifications to make recovery more comfortable. Not all claims may qualify for additional support, however our solicitors will strive to secure any counseling or support needed from the outset.

Military Accident Claims Explained

Compensation amounts awarded for military accident claims differ greatly depending upon the causation and severity of the injury, as well as any secondary conditions that may manifest themselves after the incident. For this reason, we do not illustrate representative examples, as every case is unique to the next. Our team of personal injury lawyers are among the UK’s leading experts in all aspects of military injury claims, so even if you think your case may be difficult to prove, they could help you make a claim.

Military accident claims can be complicated, however this shouldn’t deter you from making a claim. For immediate review of your case, fill out the brief online form with your details here, or call us on the free phone number you can find above  for no-obligation free advice.