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Number of Accident at Work Cases Plunges Down by 9.4% in UK

The count of accidents occurring in the workplaces of UK reached an alarming point during the last few years. However, a recent survey on accident at work presented a surprising revelation. Over the last three months, the rate of workplace accidents has gone down by a mark of 9.4%. This rate has been quite steady over the last three months, throughout which the research has been conducted. This is indeed good news for the workers. When the survey finding was delved deeper into, a new finding came into notice.

The resulting factor is the increased number of compensation claim cases. During the last three months, the number of compensation claim cases has seen a steep rise. It was noticed that the employers that had a slacked set of safety protocols have suddenly tightened up their standards in order to dodge paying heavy, unnecessarily. This was again a repercussion of the increasing number of successful cases that the UK courts turn out every day. The government that has been keeping an eye on the relaxed state of safety precautions of the offices and ergo, decided to make the court proceedings more lenient for the victims so that they get compensated rightly.

During the last year, a large number of UK companies have run into sudden crunch because they had to bear the brunt of their negligible safety practices. Unexpected accident cases within the workplace, aggravated by with the liberal court decisions compelled them to give huge pay-outs to the victims to help them recover their losses. Responding to this sudden outflow of cash, the companies finally decided to prevent better than to cure. Hence, the preceding mishaps corroborate the reduction in the rate of accident at work in UK.

Presently, the government is satisfied with the standard of employee safety maintained by the companies. It seems that the entrepreneurs have braced themselves up to go compensation-proof in order to keep their profit margin intact. In order to cut down in the sudden and uncalculated losses, it can be expected that the business in UK will develop better this year. Subsequently, fewer employees will be injured in office accidents due to the careless safety precautions of their employer. It goes without saying that the few count of people who will still be injured at work will enjoy high chances of getting big compensation due to the court’s loosening of requirements and decorum.

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