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Office Accidents

Offices are widely considered to be the safest of working environments, with relatively few of the risks posed by the construction, industrial and warehouse industries. Indeed, there may be fewer solid obstructions and regular spillages, however, a rise in office accidents since 2005 marks a probable increase in negligent behavior.

Negligence accounts for a significant proportion of office accidents, with trips and falls caused by damaged flooring and trailing cables particularly prominent. Lifting injuries are especially common, with many citing inadequate training, or repetitive strain as the causation of their health problems. Finally, there is the question of apparatus used by office workers – items such as chairs, keyboards and desks which singularly and combined, affect posture and strain over long periods.

You could be entitled to compensation in any of the following circumstances:

  •   Tripping or falling over obstacles/ exposed cable in an office.
  •   Slippage on a wet surface where adequate warning signs were not erected.
  •   Strain injury caused by inappropriate office equipment – such as a faulty chair.
  •   Falling on broken steps or due to damaged flooring.
  •   Heavy lifting injury due to inadequate training, or incapacity to lift a heavy load.

Employers have a duty of care to uphold, which includes ensuring that all equipment and work space complies with health and safety regulations. If it can be proven that one or more aspects of safety have been compromised, you are entitled to make a reasonable claim for compensation. For a no win, no fee assessment of your case, contact us today!

Expert No Win, No Fee Office Accident Solicitors

The majority of office accidents are preventable, and in some cases, making a claim for work accident compensation can be beneficial to an employer who may not have been aware of safety issues. With significant experience in office-based work injury claims, our no win, no fee solicitors could help you recover compensation for your injuries. Unlike some accident claims companies, our legal expertise are offered on a no win, no fee basis, whether or not your claim is successful. We seek to recover 100% of your compensation, in addition to any costs for representation.  Aside from the obvious financial benefits, we guarantee to treat your case with the attention it deserves – including consideration for possible losses and costs, such as medical bills.

Compensation For Office Accidents

Infrequent though they may seem, office accidents can be every bit as debilitating as an industrial incident. Time off work, coupled with the potential financial ramifications can lead to undue stress when trying to recover. Some accident victims may feel dubious about making a work injury claim against an employer, but it is key to understand that compensation is not sought directly from them. Every employer must hold adequate liability insurance in the event of an accident, and it is with the insurance company the compensation claim is filed. If the employer is found to be at fault, the insurance company is obliged to cover the costs incurred*.

*These may extend to medical costs and loss of earnings in some cases.

If you are considering making a claim for an accident at work, or you would simply like advice, fill out our online form or call our free phone number above. Our expert team of legal advisers are on hand to answer any questions you might have, and you are not obliged to proceed with any work injury claim.