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Pace up the settlement process for Industrial Health Conditional Claims

factory accident claimThe instances of workplace accidents in the UK are on a rise. Accidents of these types may occur due to several reasons but the consequences differ considerably. For instance, the accidents caused due to slip, fall or trip or faulty machine may lead to immediate consequences; whereas, ailments caused by industrial diseases develops gradually and lead to painful or extremely hazardous health problems. Industrial diseases or occupational health hazards are most common among people who are working in the industrial, constructional or manufacturing industries. Though the HSE has laid down specific guidelines regarding safety and overall health welfare for factory workers, it isn’t difficult to find instances, where these cautionary measures are grossly overlooked. Sheer negligence of this magnitude stands against the English legal principle of right to live and civil liberties as the outcomes of such health hazards restrain the affected person from living life normally.

How to Pace the Settlement Process?

Depending on the evidences you would provide, the court would consider your appeal for compensation against health hazards. If it is proven that negligence of the recruiter or factory owner is the main reason behind your plight, the court may even grant you 100% of the estimated compensation. However, in order to pace up the process for occupational health hazard claims that you need to follow, such as –

  • Accuracy of the information, details and evidence provided
  • A comparative study of your health condition before you joined the factory and aftermath
  • The type responsibilities you were assigned with
  • The types of machinery you had to use
  • Whether or not the factory followed the basic safety measures, aimed at ensuring overall health and security of workers
  • Whether or not your employer cautioned you about the possibility of such complications
  • Whether or not any other instance has also occurred

Even if you have all the necessary details that may prove liability of the recruiter behind your plight, without correct approach towards handling the situation, the orders of the court may not be as per your expectations. In such situations, an expert personal injury solicitor with the experience in dealing with cases concerning industrial diseases may serve you the best. If the solicitor of your preference finds the evidences as undisputable, he may even provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of no win no fee scheme, which means you don’t have to bear the cost of legal procedure and the winning amount would be 100% of the entire compensation.

What are the Most Common types of Industrial Diseases?

Some of the most common types of occupational health hazards include:

  • Mesothelioma and asbestosis – quite common among workers employed in asbestos industries
  • Nasal and lung cancer
  • Vibration white finger or hand-arm vibration syndrome
  • Chemical poisoning complications, caused mainly due to lead and carbon monoxide
  • Silicosis among employees working in silicon industries
  • Legionnaire’s Disease
  • Loss of hearing and eyesight
  • Skin cancer and different types of skin allergies

The leading UK law firms are ready to help you in your fight for justice against the consequences of industrial diseases. Choose the best option today and seek compensation against the injuries caused.

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