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Packaging Firm Pays Out £50,000 to Compensate a Broken Leg

Broken LegSafety breaches have been the main cause of concern for employees in workplaces of UK. While hundred of labors meet accidents at work due to the poor safety standards maintained by companies, the rising figure is spreading caution and panic alike among the workers. A serious accident at work that took place in a packing firm in the UK caused eyes to turn to the outcome of the mishap. The accident that cost a labor a broken leg finally resulted in a claim case where both the parties represented their respective versions.

Finally, the court was adjourned with the result that the firm has to make a hefty payment of £50,000 to the worker as a compensation for the injury sustained. The sum was made so heavy by the juror because it was more like a penalty payable for adopting sub-standard safety measures and triggering office accidents for the employees. The accident was caused while the employee concerned boarded a forklift truck to reach up to the height of the shelves. This is common in the packaging company that allows its employees to frequently ride forklift vehicles to access high shelves that sat around the top.

The staff member stood on the cage of the forklift attachment that was placed precariously upon the forks. However, this was not the first such incident to occur in Enfield Lock, for that was the name of the company. It was back in 2009 when the case was investigated on first such accident at work report, and this widespread practice came into the notice of the management through CCTV footage. Since then, nothing was done to prevent such mishaps from happening. The firm admitted its mistake in the court where it was fined with a charge of £15,000 under the act of Health and Safety Work Act breach.

The added figure of £32,592 was added to the gross total as a cost to be paid for the irresponsibility. A cabinet member, Chris Bond opined that such an immense cavalier disregard for the safety essentials cannot be tolerated. Hence, such a heavy fine was administered in order to set an example for the other companies to learn a lesson from.

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