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Prevention of Accident At Work Is A Must In The UK

Workplace mishaps are prevalent in the UK affecting a large section of the nation’s working population. While some workers undergo fatal accidents, the others are affected by long-term, life-changing illnesses. The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate dealing with the accident at work cases is worried about the rising rates of work-related nuisances. The government has been trying to reduce the work-related accident rates since the last decade. In accident at work2000, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), together with the Department for Education and Employment and DoH, introduced an occupational strategy to tackle the skyrocketing accident rates at workplaces. Again in 2005, the HSE published a paper to support the government’s endeavors to promote the benefits of a risk-free and supportive work environment. The paper focused on the importance of building risk-free, healthy worksites providing access to superior occupational health support and emphasized on reducing the chances of the workers developing illnesses.  Even after such hard endeavors to bring down the rates of work accidents, the number of work-related mishaps has continued to inflate.

The government of the UK has recognized that it is not so easy to bring down the work accident rates by introducing new policies and reforming the already existing workplace safety rules. Both the employers and employees need to be cautious and careful to prevent the unfortunate occurrences in the work locations. By law, the owners of the commercial businesses need to introduce safety programs to safeguard the health and safety at workplaces. They need to ensure that the work location is safe and free of risk.

Failure to maintain a risk-free and safe working ambience can lead to penalties. In order to stay away from the penalties and the burden of work accident compensation, the employees must provide the workers with protective head gears and other protective clothing if needed. They must ensure that the plant and the devices used in the worksite are properly maintained. They can consider appointing a supervisor who would assess the risk factors in a workplace on regular basis and supervise the employees at work. It is also important to take precautions against fire and offer required escape during emergency situations.

The employees should co-operate with the business owners to ensure a safe and secure work environment. They should be responsible enough to take good care of their own safety while at work. If you believe that the conditions at your worksite are not favorable and an accident can befall at anytime, you should immediately inform your employer about your conviction. You can have a discussion with your trade union and take measures so that remove the risks in your workplace. You can also get in touch with the Health and Safety Executive to look after the matter.

If you have already undergone an accident work in the recent past with no faults of your own, you can seek legal assistance from an expert solicitor and file work accident claims to indemnify your losses. You should collect medical details and a prescription describing your type of injury and its severity to serve as an evidence of the pains and sufferings you have undergone.

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