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Prevention of Accident at Work Is Possible Through the Implementation of Safety Techniques

"accidents at work"As per reliable statistical data, about 2.2 million workers are employed in Britain’s construction industry turning it one of the biggest industries of the nation. Work accidents are regular incidents in the UK’s construction sites. Though a lot of measures have been taken and implemented to bring down the number of accidents at work and improve the occupational safety and health (OSH) standards of the construction industry, the number of construction site mishaps is on the rise. The pain and sufferings of the accident at work victims and their family members is self-evident.

As already stated, the construction industry sees more number of work accidents than before, thus chasing away the belief that the advancement of technology has extirpated the difficulties like manual transportation of heavy goods. The accidents occurring in the construction industry of the United Kingdom incur huge financial losses to the victims. The victim of an accident at work not only endures the excruciating pain and sufferings caused by his injuries at work, but need to bear a hefty cost of treatment and rehabilitation. Some of the victims of the construction accidents are so seriously disabled that they find it impossible to continue their work and suffer loss of earnings.

Let us throw some light on the chief reasons behind building construction accidents. Here are some of the most common causes behind construction accidents in the United Kingdom:

  • Accidental falls through poorly constructed roofs or floors.
  • Falls from height due to the lack of scaffolding.
  • Falls from height due to improper scaffolding.
  • Accidents due to improper use of specialized machineries at work.
  • Workplace mishaps involving forklifts, diggers and dumpers.
  • Collapsing structures causing severe injuries.

All of these incidents can be avoided if proper measures are taken by the business owners. The employer has the duty to look after the health and safety of the workers. An employer or business owners failing to ensure the health and safety at work can be sued due to the negligence. A victim of a workplace accident can get the help of a personal injury solicitor to file a lawsuit claiming compensation. Hiring a solicitor is important because the professional has a good idea of the process of how to file the claims in a court of law. He knows how to present the evidences and documents supporting his work accident case in the court and urge the judge to grant a hefty compensation.

The laws and regulation introduced by the UK   government demand that the building site workers should work freely without the fear of getting involved in a work accident. The regulations are all aimed to ensure health and safety at work. The employer should maintain a safe working condition so that the workers can stay away from both accidental injuries and industrial diseases like mesothelioma. The workers who operate specialized machineries need to go through adequate training programs to learn the art of operating the machines in a safe and secure manner. A supervisor needs to be appointed to check if the machines are fit for use.

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