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Prevention of Construction Accident with Proper Training

construction accident claimWe often hear of workplace accident occurring in the British industrial sectors. The British construction sector is highly prone to accidents. The government of the country is emphasizing on proper training to the workers to bring down the number of accidents at work in the United Kingdom. According to the British Energy Group, the employees should be provided with appropriate training so that they execute their work with expertise. Proper execution of the work will definitely reduce the number of accidents occurring in the UK construction sites. Moreover¸ the workers associated with risky jobs need to be highly cautious while performing their work.

Survey says that about 34 million working days are wasted due to construction and other related accidents. The British Energy group has raised its voice against construction accidents and occupational mishaps. According to this organization, proper and consistent training is necessary to prevent mishaps at work.

A construction accident can occur anytime, causing serious to minimal damages to the workers. In specific environments, certain types of accidents are more common than the others. To cite an example, if you are working at heights, you will be more prone to fall from height accident. Thus, the employer needs to provide training so that the workers can work comfortably at height.  The employer also needs to ensure that the equipment used for mounting up tall building is in good order. If the workers are working with a ladder, the employer must appoint somebody who will stand near the legs of the ladder to ensure that the person working at height is safe and secure. Again, to prevent forklift truck accidents, the drivers of these special construction site vehicles need to be trained properly so that they can expertly drive the vehicle without causing any mishap. The driver should be alert so that he does not hit any pedestrian in the work area. Apart from participating in improved training programs, each and every worker should be concerned about safety at workplaces. They should immediately report the employer after the occurrence of an accident at work. There are many employees who in the fear of being dismissed from work do not inform their employers about the mishaps. However, this is not desirable. The workers in the construction sites should know that the employer is not legally allowed to dismiss an injured worker. Moreover, when the injured employee has no role in causing the mishap, he gets the right to file his claims for compensation.

It is the responsibility of the employer to arrange for occasional trainings and ensure that all the workers participate in the training programs. On completion of the training program, each worker needs to appear for a test to proof his or her expertise in his domain of work. An employer who fails to provide a safe workplace is legally answerable when a mishap occurs in the construction site due to his negligence. The injured person can seek the assistance of a personal injury solicitor to file his claims successfully in the court of law.

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