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Privacy Policy

This website is and administered by AccidentAtWork.org.uk Our website is primarily intended for use as a resource by those interested in making an injury claim, and to connect you with legal specialists who may be able to to assist you. We’re committed to offering a satisfying user experience for everyone who visits AccidentAtWork.org, and because your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, maintaining the highest standards of safety for the duration of your visit to our site.


Your privacy is important to us, and because we gather certain information about website users for statistical analysis, we believe you should be familiar with the manner by which we collate and use this information. Our privacy statement outlines the various methods used to gather data and how this is used.

AccidentAtWork.org Gathers Two Types of Information About Users:

  • Information by optional submission: We gather data provided through voluntary submissions on our site, including: injury claim applications, call-back requests, newsletter sign-up, participation in polls and surveys and on our message boards/ forums.
  • Information gathered by tracking data and cookies: We track information about user activity on our website, predominantly by analysing page views and statistical data derived from cookies. This information allows us to better understand our key demographics, and tailor the services of our website to meet the needs of our primary audience. No such information is shared or divulged to third parties at any time.

Services and Optional Data Submission

AccidentAtWork.org offers numerous services that may require voluntary submission of personal details by users of our website. These include:

E-Newsletters (Electronic Mailings)

We offer a free e-newsletter subscription service to website users to allow them to keep up to date with company news and articles of interest. We collate personal information, such as name and email address from users who subscribe to this service. You can sign up for this service during registration and unsubscribe at any time by following the embedded link at the foot of every newsletter email.

Interactive Opinion Polls

From time to time we may offer interactive opinion polls on our website to gauge the opinion of website users on important topics. Opinions are aggregated to form a percentage, therefore cannot uniquely identify users. Our website employs “tagging” software in order to limit website users to a single vote per poll. Our tagging system does not collate personal information, nor personally identify users based on responses to polls.

Targeted Surveys

AccidentAtWork.org may, from time to time, conduct targeted surveys either on the website, or by email to better gauge the opinions of website users. The information submitted is primarily utilised to help us refine our content and end-user experience, however we may occasionally share aggregated statistics with carefully selected affiliates for evaluation purposes. We never share information about a particular individual or his/ her responses with third parties.

User Traffic

AccidentAtWork.org employs intuitive tracking software to aggregate user traffic statistics for evaluation, however, this data is not used to identify website users individually. We reserve the right to dissect and diversify this information, including details pertaining to a user’s browser and MIME type, by monitoring information in each user’s browser string (data contained in all individual browsers).

We may occasionally monitor and aggregate information entered into the Search box on our site, however, this is not used to identify users personally. This information is generally used to determine the levels of traffic to certain areas of our site, providing us with an insight into the content and resources of most help to our users. This data enables us to evaluate page performance, and refine our content to provide a better overall resource for visitors to our site.


AccidentAtWork.org places text files (known as “cookies”) within the browser files of your computer to help us correlate your activity with information you provide on our website. Cookies do not contain personal information, and cannot access personal files on your computer’s hard drive, however, may communicate personal information to our site if you choose to submit your details via any of the forms at AccidentAtWork.org. As mentioned above, AccidentAtWork.org uses cookies to evaluate site traffic  statistics and user traffic patterns.

Users may choose to accept or decline cookies by changing the settings within a browser. If you have set your browser to warn you before each site attempts to install cookies in your browser, you will receive a warning message each time you visit our site. The majority of services and resources on our site do not require cookie acceptance, however you will be unable to participate in online polls and interactive services if this browser function is switched off.

Use of Submitted Information

AccidentAtWork.org utilises information that has been voluntarily submitted to enhance the overall user experience on our site, including considerations for interactive polls and surveys, personalised material and targeted content. The tracking information upon which we base these decisions is not used to personally identify users; rather the popularity of pages overall. Tracking of search terms enables us to better understand the type of content most useful to our visitors, and deliver content based on the popularity of various pages. We do not track specific terms, nor associate these with any personal information a user may later choose to provide.

Sharing Your Information

AccidentAtWork.org is expressly committed to safeguarding user information, and will not share personal information with any third party unless required to comply with a legal process or court of law. We reserve the right to share user information with external agencies if we believe there is any risk to the safety of website users or the general public.


We employ numerous systems, such as secure data networks, industry approved firewalls and password protection software to maintain user safety on our website. Both our privacy and security policies are reviewed regularly, with occasional amendments made where necessary. Personal data is only shared with and available to authorised personnel employed by our company.

Opting Out

AccidentAtWork.org provides numerous choices for users to opt out of subscriptions and services offered by our website. These include:

  • Optional choice to receive newsletters
  • Opting out of participation in interactive areas – eradicating the need for collation of any personal information.

User Consent

By using our site, you agree to the collation and use of information as set out in our privacy policy. Any changes to this policy will be immediately updated and published so that you remain aware of how we collect information, the manner in which it is used and to whom it is disclosed.




The information supplied via AccidentAtWork.org is intended for use as general information only. Whilst we always to ensure the information provided is accurate, relevant and up-to-date, we make no warranties or representations, either expressly or implied about the suitability, relevance, reliability, availability or accuracy of information supplied. Nor do we guarantee the availability of services, images, products or references contained on AccidentAtWork.org. Any such reliance on this resource is therefore at your own risk.

In no event shall AccidentAtWork.org be held accountable for any loss or damages arising from use of this site, including consequential losses, loss of information, data or profits.

Our website includes various links to resources which may be of use to website visitors, however, we have no control over the content, availability or relevance of these external sites. Links do not necessarily mean we we recommend services, or condone the opinions provided within these sites.

AccidentAtWork.org strives to ensure the website remains operational at all times. In the rare event our website is unavailable due to technical problems, we will not be held liable for any consequence or inconvenience this might cause.