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Proper Precautions Taken by the Employers Can Prevent Accidents at Work

Accidents are unfortunately common in the different work sectors of the United Kingdom. In these cases, either the workers are themselves at fault or the employers or somebody else at work are responsible for causing these incidents.  However, whenever the negligence of the employer or someone else contributes to the workplace accidents, work accident compensation claims can be filed with the assistance of the work accident solicitors.

The exact nature of a workplace accident usually depends on the type of industry in which it has occurred. The construction industry is probably the most risky industry in the United Kingdom that witnesses some or other type of accident almost on a regular basis. The construction sector is followed by the industrial sector and agricultural sector in terms of the accidents at work that happen in these work sectors. In most of the instances, it is the employer who negligence contributes to the accidents and the survey reports confirm so.

According to the law system of the United Kingdom, the employers owe a duty of care towards his employees. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the workers are safe while they are at work within the work premises. Any employer failing to pursue his duty of care can be sued if the workers’ health is found to be at risk.

Recent surveys show that a considerable number of workers have been subjected to accidents at work in the period between 2011 and 2012. Many workplace accidents have caused fatality to the workers. The government is also annoyed to see the increasing number of injuries at work. Though necessary laws have been implemented to compel the employers take initiatives to turn the workplaces into a safe and secure location, many employers are still reluctant to abide by the laws.

The duty of care prompts the employers to undertake all the required steps to make sure that the workers are safety during the working hours and that the risks of the foreseeable events are thoroughly assessed so that proper steps can be taken to prevent the occurrence of these incidents.

The employers need to check each and every device that is used on a regular basis to ensure that they are work efficient and safe for use.  If any device is found faulty, it should be immediately replaced by another device that is perfectly alright and can be used without the fear of a mishap. More importantly, the workers handling harmful chemicals need to be provided with protective clothing and head gear so that the chemicals do not cause any irritation to the skin causing some serious illnesses. Proper training programs need to be initiated so that the workers handling specialized works undergo rigorous training and become efficient to handle specialized equipment with getting involved in an accident at work.

If the employer fails to take care of the workers and if any of the workers sustain an accident at work, the victim can approach a work accident solicitor and under his expert guidance can file accident at work compensation claims in the court of law.

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