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Rights of Health and Safety That Employees Are Entitled At Workplaces

"office accident claim"The issues related to health and safety of workers are safeguarded by the law in the UK. Irrespective of the nature of a person’s employment (part-time or full time), his safety and welfare should be secured and it is the responsibility of an employer to fulfill the criteria. If a worker becomes victim of a situation and experiences certain types of physical or psychological injuries and during investigation it is found that employer’s irresponsibility is the main reason behind this plight, legally he will be held liable for compensating the victim, depending on the nature of the injury and how seriously the consequences have affected his lifestyle. While office environment is considered as the safest place for working, the increasing number of office accidents suggests that employers aren’t sincere enough regarding employees’ health and safety at work. Such incidents need to be legally addressed more frequently and in this way initiatives can be taken in the context of stirring steps from reluctant employers towards undertaking the correct preventive measures.

What Are Different Types of Accidents at Offices?

The accidents at workplaces are of different types and sometimes they can be potent enough to lead to extremely dangerous consequences. In many cases it has been observed that victims of such accidents have experienced serious problems, such as, damage of internal organs, cut, concussion, bruises, fractures and other painful conditions. The consequences of office accidents can also lead to the same consequences and the most common circumstances behind such situations are:

  • Accidents caused due to trip and fall
  • Injuries caused due to slippage on wet floor
  • Strain or sprain caused due to faulty office equipments
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents due to broken stairs, steps or damaged floor
  • Injuries caused due to heavy lifting of articles without adequate training

Witnessing the increasing number of accident at office victims, the HSE has come up with stricter measures to ensure health and safety of employees. According to the recent statistics almost £2 billion is paid for compensating the victims in recent years. At the same time, employees also require to know the rights they have in order to enjoy proper health and safety at work.

The Rights:

  • That in an office environment all risks against health and safety of workers are correctly controlled
  • That an employee has the right to stop working in a potentially hazardous situation and leave the place
  • That he has the right to convey all of his concerns regarding health and safety issues at work to the employer
  • Capacity to seek help from the HSE or any other local authority, with the ability to address the reluctance of an employer in providing adequate safety measures
  • Adequate rest after a stretch of work
  • Certain number of paid leaves annually

Non-fulfillment of any of these rights makes an employee legally eligible to seek assistance. So, in case of an office accident, if you strongly believe that the situation has occurred due to employer’s negligence to fulfill your rights, kindly contact a qualified lawyer with experience in handling such cases and as for compensation.

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