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Shift Workers Suffering from Diabetes and Obesity Can Now Claim for Compensation

Claim for CompensationThe common and widespread notion in the UK is, compensation claim cases can be filed only when the evidences are obvious and the claimant has met some kind of accident at his workplace. But there are negative impacts of working in unhealthy atmosphere that are semi-permanent in nature and can arise long after the employee resigns from a company. For example, shift workers are deprived of sleep in most cases which is why they suffer severely diabetes and other ailments. Compensation claims can also be filed for these back washes apart from accident at work.

Science Translational medicine, a medical journal has recently conducted a survey among 21 people whose eating and sleeping patterns were controlled and closely observed by the team of physicians and health scientists deployed by the journal. They allowed the subjects to sleep 10 years at night first. After that, their sleeping patterns were disrupted artificially for three weeks. They even artificially extend a day to 28 hours. This resulted in low metabolic rate among subjects which increased their weight significantly. The researchers came to a conclusion that shift working can result in several ailments including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, heart-diseases, obesity, diabetes, prostate cancer, and pregnancy complications.

The head of the research team, Dr. Matthew Hobbs have clearly indicated that decent sleep, healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce the probability of Type 2 diabetes among shift workers.

Unfortunately, many of the employers in the UK do not really care about the health and safety of their workers. If you think that your illness (obesity, fatigue or diabetes) has resulted from excessive working under pressurization from your employer, you can proceed towards filing a claim against your employer. You can also file a claim for other diseases such as asbestos-related diseases (resulting from your long exposure to asbestos at your workplace) etc.

Most common work accident compensation claims cases are filed for slip and trip accidents at fall from height accidents. Compensatory benefits are awarded to these victims as because evidences are quite apparent and losses and damages can be quantified easily. However, the Ministry of Justice authorized and regulated solicitor firms also take up the cases filed by shift workers with grave importance and in many cases, statutory benefits are awarded to workers or ex-employees for the diseases they are suffering from provided it is proved that the ailment resulted from employment.

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