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Simplifying the Workplace Accidents Related Claim Procedure

The unfortunate incidents like accidents at workplaces are not very uncommon and such incidents are mostly common among people who have joined new in an organization. Not everyone has the capacity to fulfill their job responsibilities perfectly since the very first day. Due to lack of expertise and incompetence to adhere with the safety measures in an industrial set up, such accidents occur pretty often. However, in several other situations, work place related accidents happen due to negligence of the factory owner to implement safety standards as prescribed by the HSE. Though the English legal system has provided significant importance on protection of health and security of workers, the same attitude doesn’t always get reflected through employers. Filing an accident at work claim is the most effective way to remind employers of their duties and responsibilities towards employees.

Duties Of an Employers towards Employees:

The HSE, regarding health and security of workers in a workplace, have laid down the guiding principles that employers should follow to reduce the increasing rate of accidents. If you have fallen victim to an accident that you think has occurred due to negligence of an employer and requires to be addressed before a court of law, the following points will help you to understand the responsibilities that the owner is expected to fulfil but he shirked the role:

  • The English legal system holds employers responsible for taking the necessary steps for managing health and safety of workers.
  • Every employer has the obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and should come up with necessary, practical measures that may help them attaining the goal.
  • The means to ensure health and safety of workers aim at reducing or nullifying any type of risk factor against health and overall safety of workers and they vary, depending on the nature of operation from one industry to another.
  • Employers should be ready to receive feedback from employees about the safety standards of the workplace and take the necessary measures to lessen seriousness of the risk factor.
  • Employers need to provide regular consultation on health and safety issues to workers and convince them to follow the necessary guidelines on a regular basis. To make the awareness enhancement program successful, it is important to deliver the messages through a representative or trade union.

If you strongly believe that actions of your employer failed to comply with any one of the above-stated guidelines and also have adequate evidence to prove your point, then consult a qualified personal injury solicitor regarding the best way to file an accident at work claim.

The Common Grounds for Claiming against Workplace Accident:

  • Compensation against health complications caused due to inadequate industrial standards
  • Accidents caused by slip, trip or fall but the main cause of the mishap is reluctance of the authority to inform employees of the potential harm in advance
  • Persistent use of faulty or old machinery or absence of proper safety measures against hazardous substances
  • Lack of proper equipment that may make lifting easy objects for employees easy
  • Strain caused from repetitive actions

The leading law firms of the UK are ready to provide quality assistance to victims of workplace accidents. Start your search today to find the quality help within your affordability and enjoy triumph against the injustice, for which you weren’t responsible in any manner whatsoever.

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