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Slip and Fall Accidents at Work Now Included Within the Compensatory Range

accident at workThe rate of accident at work in UK has reached an astronomical count with the newborn companies adopting below-standard safety precautions for their workers. However, employers who used to think till date that minor accidents occurring in their plush office premises are not subjected to scrutiny and liabilities can come out of their peaceful slumber. The government has taken notice of the increasing number of accidents occurring in offices. So, it is not only the machinists, manual labors and construction men who are entitled to receive disbursement for the sustaining injuries while at work.

Stats as presented by the Labor Force Survey pointed out that about 300,000 injury cases are filed annually in UK, which when put on an average scale shows that one out of every 100 employees suffer serious injuries within the office premises. The list of accident cases that are frequently encountered in offices have grown bigger and fuller during the last few years. It starts with the common slip, trip and fall cases. HSC statistics report that 30% of the office accidents reported is of this kind. The cause of the accident is certainly a thing to pry into.

This can be while an employee is taking the stairs and steps or due to obstacles lying around in the floor. In many cases, the employees are not careful enough to read the signs or notice the color markings on the stairwells which leads to an unexpected injury. In case, if your company is not careful enough to make the marking, compensation can be claimed legally. Sometimes, when some construction or remodeling works are conducted, obstacles like cables, wood pieces, etc. remain strayed around the area. To avoid any sort of accident at work, the zone should be temporarily kept out of bounds of the workers.

Employees working in that part of the office should be shifted to some other location or asked to work from home. If otherwise, then the company should bear full responsibility for any concussion that takes place during the given time. Wet floors are another major causing of slip and fall accidents in office properties. Sometimes the office courtyards are not cleaned properly during the winter. Thus, the icy courtyards that are without gritting can be an accident-prone ground. Companies should be responsible to either get the area cleaned promptly or stall a signpost so that employees make use of a different entryway.

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