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Slip and Trip: Excerpts from the HSE Reports

Workplaces are more common in factory and warehouse settings where a lot of machines and devices are used to execute the tasks. This is a belief that is getting challenged with everyday occurrences in corporation offices where use of safe-to-use machines are limited to Xerox machines, scanners, printers and computers. In such premises, slip or trip is a banal kind of mishap that leads to workplace injuries. In recent times, organizations in the United Kingdom have been surveyed by the Health, Safety and Environment to record incidents and understand the frequency of such happenings. It was found out that workplace accidents of slip and trip kind are the commonest cause of avoidable injury.

Slip, trip and fall occurs due to minor carelessness of the employers, though their consequences by far outdo in intensity. People have suffered brain injuries, spine injuries, bone damage, and other debilitating injuries that are not just painful, but detrimental to the skeletal framework of the body. People have even undergone long lasting injuries from a fall that have left them crippled or partly incapacitated in some cases. With the outcomes of such accidents gradually turning serious, slip and trip is no longer underrated. HSE encourages immediate and strict control over such mishaps for the common good.

The factors sited as the reasons behind this accident are multiple. Sometimes wet floor left unrestricted by sweepers during office hours lead to such injuries. Even sweepers doing the floors of lavatories should restrict the use of the area until the floor is dry and safe to tread on. As for open spaces like corridors and lounge areas that require frequent cleaning, barricading signs should be used to prevent accidents. Aside wet floors, slip or trip occurs due to objects scattered objects on the floor. Sometimes, wash kits, sweeping mops, etc. are left disorderly spread across the passage. People not paying attention are likely to be the first victims.

Ducts and wires sticking out on the way are also potentially dangerous, triggering falls now and then. People suffering from injuries caused by work accidents are entitled to receive compensation from the responsible party. Employers owe some basic duties towards the people working under them, which include their safety, salary and recognition. If they fail to offer you of these, then the damage caused for the same is compensable. Specialist solicitors offer to represent such cases in the court, if the responsible party refuses to compensate. However, before making a claim for compensation, make sure that the injury is caused by the negligence of the other party.

Some exceptions where the victims are not compensated are when they’re responsible for their own plight. A drunk worker slipped over polished floor is not entitled to a disbursement because of the under influence of alcohol act. Find yourself a suitable solicitor to make your claim legally instead of resting your case early. There are innumerable claim management companies in the United Kingdom that offer their services at affordable rates. With them, claim making is just a matter of finding the right firm.

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