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Slip Or Trip At Work

Over a third of accidents reported in the workplace are attributed to slips, trips and falls, the causation of which varies from mere spillages, to uneven surfaces and poorly lit stairwells. In spite of these ‘common’ causations, the construction and industrial industries are deemed a greater risk, purely due to the likelihood of obstructions in warehouses and chemical spillage. Realistically, a slip or trip at work can happen anywhere, for any reason, and all employers are required to take adequate precaution and preventative measures to minimize such risks.

Our no win, no fee personal injury lawyers have successfully concluded the cases of thousands of UK citizens in recent years, with some settlements far exceeding the expected parameters for compensation.

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a slip or trip at work, and were injured as a result, our work accident injury solicitors are on hand to provide free legal advice and consultation.

Slips, Trips and Falls in The Workplace

Many people who slip or trip at work are uncertain about their rights to compensation because not all accidents are easy to prove, however, there are numerous examples of successful compensation claims for both major and minor incidents. Accidents caused by mere clumsiness are fast becoming easier to differentiate from those caused by negligence or error.

A slip or trip at work can be caused by a myriad of external factors. Employers have a duty of care to ensure that main thoroughfares, walkways and doorways are free from obstruction, and that any spillages that occur are swiftly dealt with. Despite this, hundreds are still injured each year due to negligence; failure to place a wet floor sign beside a recently mopped area, prioritising other duties before removal of obstructions from public areas, or failing to clear up discarded waste.

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Full Settlement, No Deductions

Pursuing a work injury claim following a slip or trip
at work is the first step in getting back on your feet, and our personal injury lawyers can help. Having successfully fought hundreds of cases on behalf of clients, our personal injury lawyers understand that making a claim for compensation against an employer isn’t an easy decision to reach. Instructing a work injury solicitor to represent you means you never have to fight your corner alone, or deal with the complex legal issues that can sometimes arise. Providing reassurance and support every step of the way, your personal injury lawyer will fight on your behalf to seek the maximum settlement for your case.

Representative examples of settlement amounts for slip and trip accidents in the workplace:

  •   Minor scars and lacerations – from £2,000 to £13,000*
  •   Moderate neck/ back injury (exc. paralysis) – up to £22,500*
  •   Moderate head injury – up to £17,000*

*Examples given for illustrative purposes only.

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