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Slip or Trip in An Office Claims

Have you suffered a slip or trip in an office through no fault of your own? If your accident was, even in part, caused by the negligence of your employer or a fellow colleague, there’s a strong chance you’ll be eligible to file an office slip injury claim for compensation.

How Much is Your Office Slip Injury Claim Worth?

Accidents involving a slip or trip in an office are unfortunately quite common, often resulting in serious injury and time off work to recover. Your compensation award will be determined based on the overall impact of your injury, as well as any loss of amenity and disablement.

Typical compensation ranges for slip, trip and fall injuries in the workplace:

  • Severe knee injury with some residual effect on mobility: up to £45,750* Office Slip or Trip Claim
  • Minor ankle injury affecting ligaments or soft tissues: £6,600 – £11,800*
  • Hip fracture or dislocation requiring surgery: £26,750 – £51,500*
  • Minor back injury with recovery in 1- 2 years: £5,150 – £8,250*
  • Minor wrist injury (including Colles Fracture): £4,850 – £6,750*
  • Minor head injury short of brain damage: up to £8,400*

Compensation awards for a slip or trip in an office can be significantly higher if you have suffered consequential financial loss in the aftermath of your accident. These losses will form a claim for ‘special’ damages and might include: loss of earnings, medical expenses, costs associated with travelling to/ from hospital appointments, damage to personal effects (such as a mobile phone) and costs associated with specialist care/ rehabilitation.

For a more accurate valuation of your claim, contact our work injury solicitors without obligation using the secure online form provided. We’ll carry out an immediate assessment of your case and talk you through the various damages you could be entitled to – in addition to injury compensation.

Could You File A No Win No Fee Office Slip Injury Claim?

Offices are generally considered low-risk working environments compared to factories and construction sites, but that isn’t to say accidents don’t happen. Some of the most serious injuries sustained in office accidents are attributed to relatively minor hazards, such as trailing computer cables, wet tiles and discarded boxes littering the office floor. However minor these hazards might seem, the resultant injuries can be sufficiently devastating for the person involved. If you weren’t at fault, it’s only fair you should be able to seek compensation for your suffering.

You could be entitled to file an office slip injury claim if your accident was caused by:

  • A wet floor with no warning signs or cones cordoning off the area.
  • A spillage which hadn’t been attended to as soon as identified.
  • Discarded packaging or plastic left lying around.
  • Precariously stacked boxes, stock or files which have subsequently fallen over.
  • Tools or equipment left by someone carrying out maintenance work.
  • Pavement or flooring defects.

By law, your employer is required to ensure that adequate risk assessments of the office environment are carried out on a regular basis to identify possible hazards. Employees must also be trained in all aspects of health and safety to minimise the risk of injury to fellow colleagues. If your employer’s procedures or attitudes to safety fall short of the expected legal requirement and someone is injured as a result, the company will ultimately be liable for any damages payable.

Maximum Compensation For Your Office Slip Injury Claim

Our sympathetic work accident solicitors understand you will probably have some reservations about claiming against your employer, and perhaps even be slightly worried about the potential repercussions of filing a claim. It’s important to remember that your employer cannot legally dismiss you for taking legal action, and in claiming, you may also prevent the likelihood of a similar accident occurring in the future. We’re dedicated to helping you overcome your ordeal with access to the right support services and treatment, whilst remaining resolute in our commitment to recovering maximum compensation on your behalf. There are no deductions to any final amount as our own costs are recovered from the party at fault, so any settlement agreed will be the amount you’ll receive and nothing less.

Being the victim of a work accident can be an incredibly isolating experience, and if you’re unsure of your rights, our work injury solicitors can offer the guidance and support needed at this uncertain time. For immediate advice concerning your right to work accident compensation, speak with one of our work injury solicitors by calling us on the free-phone number above, or via email using the secure form provided. We’ll endeavour to contact you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient telephone consultation.