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Slip Trip Claim in A Factory Claims

Keep 100% Compensation For Factory Slip Trip Claims

Monetary compensation for injury and suffering is calculated by taking into account a number of factors; not least the extent of your injuries and expected period of recovery. Your appointed solicitor will also use compensation guidelines published by the Judicial Studies Board to reach a figure he/ she believes is commensurate with your injuries and suffering.

Injury compensation ranges for factory slip trip claims:

  • Moderate knee injury with expected recovery in 2-5 years: £9,000 – £17,500*
  • Minor ankle sprain/ ligament injury with recovery in 12-18 months: £6,600 – £11,800*Slip-or-trip-factory-injury
  • Fracture or dislocation of the hip joint causing some long-term disability: £26,750 – £51,500*
  • Mild back sprain or wrenching injury with recovery in maximum 2 years: £5,150 – £8,250*
  • Colles Fracture or soft tissue wrist injury: £4,850 – £6,750*
  • Severe knee injury resulting in some residual disability: up to £45,750*
  • Minor brain damage: up to £25,750*

If you are thinking about appointing a solicitor to handle your claim for a slip or trip in a factory, it’s important to check the terms and conditions associated with their services. Some accident claims companies profess to offering a no win no fee service, yet fail to make clear that disbursement fees will be deducted from the final compensation amount. Our work accident solicitors don’t believe that any work-injured victim should be penalised for taking legal action, and because all costs are recovered from the party at fault, never make any deductions to your compensation.


Could You Claim For A Slip or Trip in A Factory?

Factories are inherently dangerous places regardless of whether you work with machinery or transport heavy loads, but these present much less of a significant risk than carelessness and negligence. From discarded boxes, packaging and polythene to trailing cables and equipment left lying around, the factory floor yields untold number of slipping and tripping hazards due to the carelessness of others.

But not all accidents are necessarily attributable to the negligence of fellow employees. Your employer has a legal duty of responsibility to maintain all aspects of the work environment in accordance with health and safety law. This includes carrying out regular checks to identify possible accident hazards, repairing any defects that pose an obvious risk and providing adequate health and safety training to all employees. Any failure on your employer’s part that subsequently leads to an accident means the company will be liable to pay damages for any factory slip trip claims made against them.

Have you suffered a slip or fall whilst working in a factory within the last three years? If you have tripped or fallen as a result of someone else’s carelessness and sustained some form of injury as a result, our highly acclaimed work accident solicitors could help you realise entitlement to compensation. To find out whether you can claim for a slip or trip in a factory that occurred within the last three years, contact us without obligation for advice and an immediate assessment of your case.


Guidelines For Preventing Factory Slipping Accidents

Nearly two thirds of all factory slip trip claims are brought for accidents caused by the negligence of other employees. This carelessness is rarely deliberate, yet failing to mop up a spillage or ensure packaging has been disposed of properly can prove catastrophic for anyone who trips or falls over as a result. Employers have a duty of responsibility to ensure all employees are familiar with health and safety legislation, and conduct regular risk assessments to ensure these standards are upheld.


Employees can also help to prevent slip and trip factory accidents by:

  • Ensuring that all discarded packaging and boxes are disposed of immediately.
  • Attending to/ reporting any spillages as soon as they occur.
  • Carrying out regular risk assessments of the work area.
  • Stacking boxes well clear of high traffic areas.
  • Reporting flooring defects as soon as identified.


No Win No Fee Factory Slip Trip Claims

There are many misconceptions about the costs associated with making a claim for a slip or trip in a factory. If you weren’t at fault, our work injury solicitors can help you seek compensation on a no win no fee basis. The no win no fee scheme is a government-backed initiative that allows personal injury solicitors to seek their legal costs from the party at fault. This means you won’t be liable for any legal costs, and in the unlikely event your case isn’t successful, any fees payable to the opposition will be covered by our free ‘After The Event’ insurance policy.

To find out whether you qualify for no win no fee assistance, contact our factory slip trip claims specialists using the secure online form today. Should you prefer to discuss the details of your case in confidence with one of our representatives, call us free on the number above and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Our advice is offered without condition or obligation whether or not you proceed with a claim.