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Slipped and Fell on the Work Floor- What you can do now?

Having being a victim of slip and trip workplace accident, it might be difficult for the victim to track the guilty. Whether the cleaner is to be blamed for being ignorant about his duty or the employer who has failed to look after the execution of the allotted work on the workers? This is a serious issue that should be solved to receive a hassle-free slip or trip at work claim. In order to "slip or trip accident"file the claim it is very essential to prove the guilt of the faultier. But then, if the employee fails to do so, he might not be able to receive payouts for his damages.

Normally, the cleaners are allotted with the work to clean the work floors. But if the worker falls off as the result of spillage of liquids on the pathway then, the cleaner should be responsible for such occurrences. On the same, the company’s authority has also failed to look after the cleanliness of the work. So the victimized worker has the right to file the claim against the employer. Slip or trip not only happens because of spillage of liquids but also due to haphazardly placed wires on the work floors or due to broken tiles on the stairs. For such negligence the employers can be blamed as he is expected to preserve safety standards at the workplace. On a failure to keep up to his entitlement, he is supposed to provide compensation to the victimized worker. Legally, he is supposed to have an insurance to meet the emergencies of the accident at work with which they pay out certain amount to recover the damages of the workers.

Thus, if you have endured any slip and trip injury as the result of employer’s negligence, then you are eligible to claim against the employer.

Why should you Claim?

Dragging the guilty to the court will not be enough to punish the guilty as on his parole he might shrug off his faults. So, a claim might make him realize about the damage caused to the victim because of his negligence. It is suggested to those, who think of escaping claim in a fear of loosing his jobs, not to re-think it again as he is legally entitled to receive compensation. Moreover, with head injuries and back injuries the worker might have to payout whole lot of money for the treatment. When a claim can pay all the present and potential medical treatment of the victim then, staying away from claim will be act of foolishness.

Thus, as soon as you come across a slip, trip and fall workplace accident make sure you report it to the accident management agencies so that they can manage the process of the claim effectively.

But then, there are many employers who might try to negotiate on an unfair amount of the compensation with the workers. In order top handle such situation you might appoint the personal injury lawyers in the UK.

What do you Need to Collect after a Slip and Trip Workplace Accident?

On enduring both financial and non-financial damage the victim might be wrecked. Thus, to recover from such situation a fair value of claim can be useful for him. If you are new to claims then, it might be difficult for you to know all about its nuts and bolts. Though, the solicitors are there to guide you with legal tips but then, before that you need to be equally aware about its procedure. Basically, you need to gather the primary proofs catering on which the lawyers will develop the case and then represent it to the court. The below mentioned domains might help you know about the necessary things to collect just after the work accident to secure claim as fast as possible.

  • As soon as you meet slip or trip at work make sure you have seen the medical expert in order to get confirmation about the injury endured in the same. With the acknowledgment of the injury you can decide the deadline of the tenure and thereby work accordingly.
  • Make an immediate move to collect the contact details of the eye witnesses and note down the date, place and time of the accident.
  • If possible you can also take the snaps of the accident spot and the object that has caused the accident. Also click the then injury endured by the victim. Remember, photographs are great proof to the accident.
  • Blueprint an estimate of the potential medical treatment, if needed as a claim might also pay out the same.
  • On reporting the injury and its cause to the accident management agencies make sure you have collected the copy of the same so that on being questioned about the authenticity of the accident at work you can show the prove.

Now, you might wonder as how these proofs will help to secure claim. Well, the medical report will enable to determine the amount of compensation both for financial losses and non-financial losses. Financial damages being the medical expense, loss of earnings and the loss of personal property, whereas, non-financial damages include the pains and sufferings of the victim. Though, there is no exact formula to calculate the amount for pains of the victims. But then, with the help of the medical report it cam be done. The lawyers consider the severity of the injury whilst calculating the same. With major injuries the solicitor fixes higher value of claim when compared to the minor injuries. Thus, the victim also receive pay out for his sufferings thereby, preventing the employer from committing the same mistake again.

Worker’s Compensation- Slips and Trips

Even though, you collect all the above mentioned types of evidences, make sure that they are filed at the court within the tenure of three years. Slip and trip claims are considered to be one of the most complex cases as often the worker’s are also responsible for head and back injuries as the result of slip and trip. So, one need to be sure that he is nowhere responsible for the accident and the proofs are the evidence of his innocence.

The possibility of registering fake cases is high in slip and trip claims thus, the UK government has imposed strict rules and regulations to deal with them. Make sure you do not exaggerate the case whilst reporting it to the solicitors. However, to avail the services of the lawyers you might have to fill an online claim form catering on which they will accept the case. This write-up might help you to know how filling the form will enable you to secure satisfactory amount of compensation.

  • "work accident"Give details about the victim mentioning his name, e-mail address, postal address and phone number, so that the lawyers might contact them when they are convinced with the case.
  • Give detailed description about the slip or trip at work. State its causes and aftereffects as well. After being sure about the injury only mention it in the form. Or else it may mislead the lawyers.
  • Scroll down to find the option of ‘select time’ where the plaintiffs are asked to select their preferable time when the lawyers will call them on accepting the claim.

Once they accept the case, you might have to meet them, where they blueprint a plan of action after studying the case thoroughly. Such a framed plan enables them to move forward with the case. They first make sure to collect more proofs against the guilty. If you have failed to collect the medical report then they might do it as well. With the heap of documents the lawyers then determine the amount for the compensation. The medical bills such as, hospital bill, medicines bills so on and so forth are piled together to find out the total of the medical expenses after treatment. Moreover, if the victim is asked for future treatment then he might include it in the claim as well. But then, make sure that you have all the estimates ready. If the victim has lost his personal property in the workplace accident then, he might be able to include it in the same as well. On the other hand, they calculate the value for the pains and sufferings with the help of the medical report.

They stuff all the evidences and the proposed amount of the claim within a file. They represent the case in the court and argue till the win is assured. Thus, when you have appointed any of them, they take almost all the responsibilities of the case thereby, allowing the victim to rest at home and concentrate on his treatment.

But then, be sure that you talk to them very politely whilst discussing the case and don’t hide anything about the workplace accident as it might create confusion. Well, if you want to know more about these free advisors log in their website.

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