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Slipped and Tripped in Workplace? Know the Legal Obligations to File a Claim

"slip or trip work accident"Whether you are on the streets or at the work place, slip and trip accidents are bound to happen. Every day over thousands of workers suffer from work accident injuries and the increasing crowd at the hospitals is very evident of that. Deaths and fatalities have also been recorded by the HSE department. The minor injuries keep on happening with the workers whilst working, so at times it becomes difficult to find the actual person to levy the blame. Both the accused and the victim are often found responsible for the work accidents due to their sheer callousness. Hence, it is better to consult the work accident solicitor to decide whether you are eligible to claim or not.

Well, you must have heard about claim that gives an opportunity to recover all your losses. But then, it comes with whole lot of legal obligations, especially when you have suffered from slip and trip work accidents. The injuries endured in slips and trips are mainly minor such as, whiplashes, cuts and wounds and neck and back strains, though it may turn out to be detrimental in the future.

  • The claim should be filed within the tenure of three years considered from the day the victims get the confirmation of his injury. Hence, as soon as you meet a workplace mishap it is important to see a medical expert and follow the treatment procedure thoroughly. Or else the case might get registered under contributory negligence.
  • Collect enough proofs to prove the guilt of the employer. In case of slip and trip accident at work, proving the liability of the employer or the colleague in the accident might become difficult. Say, you slipped on the work floor because of spillage of liquid which is a result of poor housekeeping. The cleaner is supposed to be blamed for, but then it is also the employer’s failure as he didn’t look after the execution of the work. In such circumstances the guidance of an experienced lawyer becomes necessary.
  • Get hold of the medical bills and other related bills so that the solicitors might calculate the value for the compensation both for financial and non-financial losses.
  • Make sure to keep the documents confidential. Don’t discuss the case with anyone else other than your appointed work accident solicitor.
  • The court might demand for a neat and systematic representation of the case. Make sure you stuff the documents within a file and arrange them orderly.
  • If possible try to convince the eye witnesses to take a stand by your side during the court hearings. The court accounts the validity of the eye witness’ words.
  • The representation of the case should be based on legal ethics and court’s code of conduct. It must not be exaggerated to manipulate the court or the slip or trip workplace accident claim.

It is suggested to consult the work accident with the experienced no win no pay lawyers who can guide you well about the nuts and bolts of the claim and help you to secure hassle-free compensatory rewards. In order to know more about the work claim solicitor you can browse through different websites on the varied search engines.

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