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South Tyneside Engineer Receives Accident at Work Compensation for a Severe Industrial Illness

A man called Graeme Kelly has recently received huge accident at work compensation for contracting Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) while at work. Kelly was working as an electrical engineer under De La Rue Currency, a company in Gateshead. During his 34 years of service in this company, Kelly had to deal with vibrating power tools on a regular basis. Daily use of these tools caused him serious arm vibration problems that caused him great pain and discomfort. The victim ventured out to initiate court proceedings to claim compensation for his problems, but his accident at workemployers agreed to pay his deserved compensation in an out-of-the-court settlement. The no-win no fee-solicitors handling Kelly’s case has played a fantastic role in settling the case.

The damage caused to the electrical engineer is permanent. After the settlement, the victim said that he used vibrating tools all throughout his professional life but never thought that it would cause irreparable damage to his hands. He added that he experienced the symptoms in the last 3-4 years before he lost adroitness in using his hands. He went to see a doctor who diagnosed him with HAVS and Carpal Tunnel. Finally, he approached his trade union to get suggestions regarding what to do to get compensation of the losses. The trade union investigated the case and found that the employer is responsible for the damage. The solicitor who was looking after Kelly’s case said that he employer is entirely responsible for the illness caused to his client. He accused De La Rue Currency for not implementing a safety policy to monitor the tools and prevent the operators from the tools from excessively using the machines.

Kelly had to undergo an operation to treat his hands affected by the CTS. The surgery has undoubtedly helped to lower the symptoms but has failed to eliminate the problem entirely. Kelly has to suffer from the loss of dexterity to some extent all throughout his life.

HAVS is one of the common industrial diseases in the United Kingdom. According to An HSE (Health and Safety Executive) report about 3, 00,000 workers are affected by this disease every year. The industrial ailments mostly affects the workers whose responsible is to run hand-held vibrating machines for a long period of time. Common symptoms of the disease include stiffness, numbness and pain in hands, arms and fingers. Apart from preventing the victims to continue their job, HAVS also holds the sufferers from performing the daily activities. Even the most straightforward jobs turn difficult for the ones suffering from HAVS.

The employers should be careful enough to take necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of industrial diseases like HAVS. The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations came into existence in 2005 to specify rules regarding the preventing of such work-related ailments. Those who suffer from such work-related disease are rightly entitled to claim work accident compensation from the employer. Presently, the United Kingdom records 10 million pounds approximately being expended a year to compensate the sufferers of HAVS.

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