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Stay Protected against Possible Injuries in the Construction Sector

The main purpose behind doing investment in insurances and healthcare policies is to stay protected against any untimely injury that may deter the process of living life normally. However, these protections are available in case of any unfortunate incident but these are not exactly aimed at giving you justice against such situations that of other people’s creation. Many of the UK workers, employed in construction sector, experience such situations. Not all of the construction companies follow standards, ensuring health and safety of workers, laid down by the HSE accurately. Naturally, every year several construction workers fall victims of accidents. At the same time, their lack of knowledge to address the situation and ask for justice remains unfulfilled. However, with the help of professional personal injury solicitors the claims related to construction accident can be addressed properly and your path to stay protected against negligence of owners/recruiters remains wide.

How serious can it be?

In several cases construction accidents occur due to incompetence of the worker only. However, in many others, the professionals encounter moderate to extremely serious injuries due to negligence of the business owner towards implementing adequate safety measures. A recent report provided by the HSE suggests that 22% of all construction injuries are fatal and 10% are major enough to compel a person undergoing rigorous treatment procedures. These types of complications not only cause great impact over natural right of a person to enjoy life normally but also put a great burden over people who are dependent on him, in terms of earning and support. So, such incidents shouldn’t go unaddressed and justice must be claimed only to refrain the employers from being negligent while installing methods for safety and security of employees.

What you need to prove?

In a construction business, the owner needs to adhere to several safety parameters, such as –

  • Regular supervision and checking of the safety issues, such condition of the machineries and other technological devices
  • Regular check on the work environment
  • Finding out whether or not the safety measures are working fine before the workers take up a new assignment
  • Making sure that the machineries/power tools are working fine and maintained or repaired on a regular basis

If you have adequate evidence to prove that the situation you are in is actually failure of the owner to meet one or more than one of the given parameters, then you shouldn’t delay to address this issue before a court of law with help from a competent solicitor with experience in dealing with construction accident cases.

What are the most common causes of Construction Accidents?

Some of the most common causes of accidents in the construction sector are:

  • Collapse of the trench or gibbet
  • Faulty lifting instrument
  • Sudden ladder fall
  • Inadequate safety measures against fire or chemical leak
  • Faulty electrical devices, leading to electrocution
  • Gas tank burst
  • Accident while operating a faulty machine or power tool
  • Improper construction, leading to collapse of a structure on workers
  • Inadequate training or special instruction

Contact one of the leading UK law firms at the earliest to solve the dispute over construction accident and stay protected against the negligence of owner.

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