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Things to Do After Facing Accidents at Work

"accident at work"Suffering an accident while on the job is possibly the worst of mishaps that can occur in the life of an individual. For most people, a job is highly integral to their lives, and not just for the sake of the money.  Holding a job is essential because it imparts the sense of freedom that outshines any other kind of independence: economic independence. Besides, the ability to support oneself and take on the responsibility of others too gives a sense of self-satisfaction that does not come from anything else. it is not surprising, then, that accidents at work can seriously jeopardise the quality of life of an individual; not only because it shakes his faith in an organisation that does not care enough for the health and safety of its employees, but also because he is left wondering whether he will be able to provide for his family again in the same way, a thought that is provoked during the time of inaction and expenses that immediately succeeds an accident due to treatment of injuries.

Therefore, there are various points that need to be considered and taken care of as soon as one has faced an accident at the workplace, or anywhere while fulfilling a professional assignment.

Spread the News: First of all, notify the employer that you have faced the accident. If it has happened in your office premises, then of the news would reach automatically; if it has happened while on transport for work purposes or in someplace else where you went for work, the employer will have to be notified. Also, do not leave out any details; the employer needs to know the exact extent of the injuries to be able to estimate the compensation.

Claim Compensation: An employee who has had to face such an accident quite inadvertently should make claims for compensation. This amount needs to be discussed with a personal injury solicitor, so make sure you appoint one as soon as you can after having received the injury. Do not hesitate to take this step; taking any action against you because you filed the case will be illegal.

Leave Policies: Check up on the sick leave policies of the company you are working with. This is usually standard procedure that you are taken through immediately after receiving confirmation of employment; however, changes might have been incorporated during your tenure that you might have overlooked. Besides, some companies might also have an extended sick leave policy that might apply to employees depending upon their tenure and record. Exceptions are also of course applicable here; moreover, if your treatment results in you running out of sick leaves, loss of pay will occur, which again has to be incorporated into the compensation that you claim.

Follow Up: Accidents at work should always be followed up with a discussion with the employer once you have rejoined work. In this discussion, make sure that you have spoken with your employer about the removal of any kind of safety hazard that might result in further injuries. It is only your right to be cautious.

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