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Things to Remember when Come Across Factory Accident

factory accident claimWhen working in unhygienic and life threatening atmosphere, the employees are bound to get hold of health diseases and accidents causing injuries. Well, one cannot blame the employers for that, as it is the employees who choose to work under such conditions. But then, if the employer or the company’s authority is somehow found guilty for the accidents and the fatal diseases, then he is legally responsible to give away factory accident claim to the victims and their family members. As according to the UK law, the family members of the dead worker also have the right to receive payouts on behalf of the victim, if he had died out of no-fault accident and the ignorance of the employer.

Claimable Factory Accident

  • Sudden machine failure can lead to amputation
  • Employees working in the coalmines might get hold of fatal disease if the mining authority fails to provide proper protection
  • Unhygienic work atmosphere may prevent the workers from performing his daily work and keep his busy running around the corners of medical clinics.
  • The harmful gas emitted by the factories can cause asthma or some other related and major breathing problems, if masks are not provided to those who work near to it.
  • Unhealthy foods supplied in the canteen can cause food poisoning.
  • Inadequate training given to the employees can cause paralyzing injuries to them.
  • Slip and trip accidents caused by spillage of liquids on the floor, haphazardly placed wires and broken tiles on the staircases.
  • A human body can bear weight to a limited capacity. Employers forcing the workers to carry more than its capacity can cause whiplashes and thereby injure him both externally and internally.

Even though, there are more to add to the list, yet if your case falls under any of the above-mentioned categories, you can definitely claim work accident compensation from the factory authority.

The Procedure:

Even though, the legal procedure is an elaborate system that includes a whole lot of nitty gritties, yet remembering few things can make it a bit simpler. This article might help you to recognize the points to consider when filing the case at the court.

  • The medical report: Remember you need to show this, both to appointed solicitor and at the court. You must know until now the reason behind it. This not only helps to determine the tenure of the claim but at the same time helps in calculating the value for the non-financial losses as well.
  • The bills: Another very essential thing to pile. This will enable the solicitor to calculate the value for the non-financial losses the victim has to suffer because of someone else’s negligence.
  • Legal Reports: As soon as you come across a factory accident, report it to the accident management executive. State the details about the accident and take the copy of the report lodged.

Once, you have gathered these, pile these in a file and represent it to the solicitor. If needed, they can use these to collect more proofs against the guilty.

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