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Three Main Reasons behind Construction Accidents in the UK

"construction accident"Though the British construction boasts of being the safest in the entire Europe, fatalities and serious injuries are not something uncommon in this industry. Some or the other type of construction accident is happening on a regular basis in the construction sites of the United Kingdom. A report published by The Health and Safety Executive stated that the construction workers are 6 six times more vulnerable at work than the workers in the other industries. Let us focus on the five main factors contributing to the construction accidents in the UK construction sites.

  • Slips, Trips and Falls: Slip, trip and falls are the common reasons behind the construction accidents at work. There are several reasons that contribute to these accidents. Traction robbing things like water¸ grease, mud, oil and ice on the floor of a construction site can lead to slips and falls. Substances creating obstacles on the corridors can cause trip accidents. Again, lack of adequate light can cause trips and falls in a construction site. The employers need to cautious enough to introduce accident prevention programs to prevent these occurrences. Regular checks for hazard recognition are important to prevent slips, trips and falls. The floor areas where there is a chance of liquid accumulation need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The workers need to report the slip and trip hazards to the supervisor in charge of the workplace.
  • Fall From Height: This is one of the most common accidents occurring in the construction sites of the United Kingdom. Falls from height can lead to serious consequences, fractures, bone dislocation and even death. Most of these incidents happen while the workers do repair works on high-rise buildings and fall accidentally. Inadequate scaffolding, unshielded openings in buildings undergoing construction, lack of edge protection and improper use of the ladders and man baskets can lead to falls from height.
  • Electrocution: Though not as common as the other types of construction injuries, electrocution is not uncommon in the construction industry of the United Kingdom. Electrocution mostly causes fatalities and in some instances serious injuries to the workers. Most of these incidents can be easily avoided.  In order to prevent such occurrences, the employers need to implement accident prevention measures. Different types of electrical injuries can occur. The common forms of electrical injuries include burns; falls sue to electrical shocks and fatal electrocution. Electric shock can cause great harm to the external skin of the electrocuted person. It can even damage the internal body organs. Only a medical practitioner can evaluate an electric shock. The prime factors leading to electrocution in a construction site are as follows:
  1. Live wires which are not ground
  2. Inadequate lighting at the construction regions
  3. Faulty electrical equipment
  4. Improper handling of electrical devices

The workers who have suffered due to construction accidents can seek legal support and file an accident at work case against the employer. However, he needs to prove that he had no role in causing the accident and the employer failed to provide the workers with a safe and secure work environment.

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