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Three Types of Office Accidents for Which You Can Claim Compensation

 "office accident"Apparently, white collar workers work in rather safe and sound environments if compared with the workers who are in construction and transportation industry. However, office accidents are not rare incidents and there are hundreds out there who met accidents while at work in their offices that are considered safer working zones in the country. Personal injury compensation claim experts who deal with white collar job accidents have come up with surprising information about these accidents though the causal factors are not completely unknown to many of us, but we tend not to recognize them. So what are the three causal factors of accidents in offices? And how do you claim compensation for these accidents?

Fall from height

Fall from height accidents are probably one of the most common accidents at work. According to various survey reports, these accidents are reasons for most number of disablements and lifetime suffering as well. Many workers attempt to reach for objects that are stationed somewhere higher up standing on unstable chairs and they fall from that height. Insufficient lighting, wobbly carpeting and slippery stair cases are some of the other reasons. Accident at work compensation claim experts help the victims to file court cases against whomsoever they deem liable for their injuries and sufferings.

Lifting accidents and injuries

Many employers are there who coerce their employees (and even the incompetent ones) to lift heavy objects that should be handles and transported using machines such as forklift truck. These workers often meet slip or trip accidents and other sorts of injuries. Neck strain leads to whiplash injuries and other injuries are not very uncommon as well. Whatever is the type of injury, if the accident happened just because you were compelled to do a task which was not supposed be executed by you, you can claim for compensation. Visit the Health and Safety Executive website to gather more information about this.

Lack of training

There are many companies who conduct no prior training programs before they send their workers to perform specialized tasks and show absolute negligence. The result, thousands of workers meet accidents at work just because they were not trained adequately. Who is responsible for these accidents? Of course, the employers who feel not the need for training programs and they deploy their employees from day one just to increase productivity. Employee health and safety is a not a matter of concern for them.

What should be done?

Stringent legal action is the only solution to these practices of the employers. One should learn that the employers in the UK are legally obliged to provide minimum safety to their employees and if they don’t, office accidents compensation claim experts should be consulted in order to file court cases against them.

Downloading the form-the first step

The first step for filing a claim of this sort is to download a claim form from the web. You need to fill it in properly and you can consult with an Accident at work compensation claim specialist of you are in doubt. In fact, there are few other things to do and you can best be guided by your solicitor regarding this.

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