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Tips for Employers to Avoid Accidents at Work and Resultant Legal Complications

In the UK, workplace safety and security is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive. However, not all the employers abide by the rules and regulations of the HSE. If you are eager to ensure safety and security for your workers so as to avoid undesirable events and consequential legal complications, you can follow some simple steps. Keep in mind that whenever an accident at work happens, it is inspected whether the accident was caused by the employer or the employee was himself responsible for it. If your negligence is proved at the accident at workcourt, you may have to pay compensation to your employee. Therefore, it is essential to check a few things that are described here below.

Ask your structural designer to ensure safety

If you are about to hire a structural designer or construction company for constructing your office building, ask your structural designer to check and ensure the safety standards pertaining to office and workplace premises. Your structural designer should visualize how the place would be used by your workers in the future. For example, electrical installation should be done cautiously so as to avert dreadful consequences. On the other hand, the storeroom should be designed accordingly. Don’t just look for squeezing opportunities as narrow passageways and work bays as because most of the office accidents each year.

Ensure that all the machinery are functioning properly

As an employer, it is your duty of care to check whether the entire workplace runs like a well-oiled machine. However, that’s a figurative approach. As an employer, your duty is to check whether all the machinery within the workplace premises are working properly and whenever you find a malfunctioning machine, try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. It is also important to put up a notice board so that workers stay away of the malfunctioning machine until repairing is done. If you follow all these steps, you can easily avoid accident at work.

Provide training

You must provide training to your employees as and when required. It is obligatory for all the employers in the UK to provide necessary training to the employees so that they can well handler the machines and do not cause harm to themselves and others. Keep in mind that if you do not provide any training to your employees and any injured employee claims work accident compensation, you may have to pay him lump sum in compensation. For example, if fork trucks are regularly used in your workplace, you need to provide necessary training to the employees who are to work with these machines.

Note for the employees

If you are an employee and you deem that the accident at work you faced recently was a result of the negligence of your employer, you need to appoint the best workplace accident compensation claim solicitor to file a lawsuit against your employer. You need to accrue the pertinent documents and evidences for forming a compensation claim. Opt for a claims management agency if you feel that these legal matters cannot be handled by you and they can appoint the best workplace accident solicitor for representing you in the court.

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