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Types Of Accidents At Workplace That Qualify for a Claim

work accident claimWorkplace should ideally be kept safe and secure so as to prevent accident at work. Employees’ safety should be of primary concern in all organizations. There are trade unions being set up to look after employee benefits. Care should be taken to ensure that employees are unhurt and reach home safely after each day pf work. But still sometimes accidents at workplace occur due to which employees suffer. Let’s see the various such incidents in workplace that one can put forth an accident at work claim for:

  1. Physical assaults: There are incidents when employees get into fights with each other with one of the employees being seriously injured because of such assault.
  2. Employees working in hazardous areas: There are employees who work in hazardous locations such as mines or construction sites. They are always injury prone. In construction sites there is always the risk of materials falling off or collapsing foundation etc.
  3. Dangerous machinery in workplace:  There is always risk from operating machinery if that machine is not well maintained or if no training is given to use the machine properly.
  4. Falling from height: Often workers fall off from heights like falling from ladders, machine, roofs, roof lights etc.
  5. Accident from needle stick: A needle stick injury occurs when the employee’s skin is damaged or injured with a sharp object like a needle. The incident is very traumatic.
  6. Oil rig incidents:   These are incidents can be very dangerous and can very easily affect the employee both physically as well as mentally. Employees working in oil rigs have risk of these accidents.
  7. Accidents from scaffolding: Although it’s very safe option as compared to ladders (if used correctly) but accidents does occur. The risk is actually from materials falling from the scaffolding.
  8. Dangerous practices and procedures at work: It’s advisable to always use safe procedures in workplace so that no employees are injured. But due to ignorance sometimes employees do not follow these standards.  Some of the common cases of dangerous practices are workers using table or chairs as an alternative to ladders, failing to have ladders footed, employees or workers lifting heavy objects without proper training, failure to illuminate working or walking areas and also not repairing or covering manholes.
  9. Crane accidents: There are lots of accidents which take place because of crane. The fault maybe defects with the crane itself, human error while operating the crane, objects falling from the crane onto people below, cranes collapsing, errors and misunderstanding in signalling.
  10. Farm accidents: These accidents are also very common. Some of the common accidents from farms are accidents involving farm vehicles, accidents involving farm machinery, injuries caused by falling objects, illness caused by high level of noise, illness caused by exposure to dust, illness or accidents caused by hazardous substance.
  11. Accidents caused for lack of PPEPPE or personal protective equipment has to be used in places where chances of accidents are more. PPE includes masks, safety boots, goggles, ear defenders, safety helmets etc.


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