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Unveiling Office Accidents in the UK behind Office Accidents Claims

"office accidents"Accidents happen all the time and can happen to anyone at any place. Workplace accidents are a common occurrence too and there have been many that have fallen victim of these. However accidents that happen in the office due to someone else’s negligence call for office accident claims. This seems to be the norm now in many of the UK office places. Many actually do not expect that office places can be a danger zone but this is really the sad reality. The worst thing is that most of these accidents occurred because there was someone else that was sleeping on their job of making sure that safety is a top priority.

According to HSE statistics, over two million workers in the UK suffer accidents at work every year. You may be wondering though how one could possibly get injured in the office setting. We can say that there are unseen dangers everywhere that are surrounding you when you are working in an office environment that can be very fatal to your life if you actually fall victim. Even though an accident is usually not anticipated, if it actually happens because another person triggered it to occur you have to know that you are entitled to filing office accidents claims.

Office hazards

Since office hazards are hidden, regular risk assessment and maintenance checks need to be carried out. However it is unfortunate that these assessments are either not done well or not done at all.

Slips and trips: This is one accident that occurs in the office setting where janitors are not provided with hazard sings to place on wet floors so that those walking can be aware of wet floors or random wires which are left dangling down by electricians. This all falls on management negligence because you may think that just falling is common, but so many have gotten really seriously injured. If an elderly lady or man in their late forties slips and falls they will definitely break something. If you slipped and fell, it would be very dangerous for you. Who knows what horrifying injury you could sustain all because of negligence? This is why filing for office accidents claims is very much advised.

Sitting arrangements: Many offices require that you sit the whole day and work. Many office injuries also occur as a result of inadequate workstations, seating arrangements and bad economic planning for desk workers. These can cause repetitive strain injuries. You will often hear someone complain of back, neck and shoulder pains due to their sitting positions. You never thought of that now did you? This is the reason why your employer should answer for any injury caused in this form.

If you have been a victim of these hidden yet very dangerous hazards, you have to make sure that you seek help from a solicitor. File for office accident claims so that you are well compensated and also make a fine statement.

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