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Upholding a Brief Picture of Office Accidents in the UK

According to the statistical report published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), more than two million workers in the United Kingdom undergo accidents every year. A research done by the Labour Force Survey stated that about 300,000 injuries are serious and they should be reported. Just as in the construction sites and industrial sectors, accidents can occur at any time in the offices. However, most of the office accidents can be prevented if the employers take extra care to implement safety measures in the offices. When an employee has no role in causing an office accident, he can file an office accident claim case against the responsible party.

Following are some of the common office accidents:

  • Slips, trips and falls: Slips, trips and falls are common in an office environment. The injuries caused by these incidents account for more than half of all serious office accidents. These incidents can be easily prevented. The employers should put caution sign in the wet areas within the office premises. Trips occur mostly due to inadequate light in the staircases. Wires falling here and there within the office premises often result in trips ad falls.
  • Lifting and carrying Accidents: These types of incidents take place when the people lifting portable containers and crates fail to d the job in the proper manner. The employees involved in such jobs need to be trained properly to do the tasks properly and safely.
  • Electric Shocks: These occur due to faulty devices and often lead to serious injuries. The employers need to make sure that all the electrical cables and the devices using electric connection are working properly.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Carbon monoxide poisoning can take place if the devices like gas boilers are faulty or broken.

The government of the United Kingdom is worried to see the increasing number of office accidents. The government is planning to introduce new laws to prevent such incidents. The employers and employers should also act responsibly and make endeavor to forestall such occurrences.


If you have sustained an office accident of late, you can file a work accident compensation case in the court of law. In order to establish your claims in the court, you can seek the assistance of an expert personal injury solicitor. Before choosing a solicitor, you conduct a thorough research. You can shortlist a few personal injury solicitors, and based on their performance records and experience, you can select one as your service-provider.

Each individual office accident case is different from the others. The personal injury solicitor in charge of a particular caseĀ  studies the case, evaluates the winning potential of the case and then decides on the course of action that needs to be followed to win a high amount for compensation for his clients. You should seek legal assistance of a personal injury solicitor and tell him the entire story of your office accident to know about the possibilities of winning the case. You can also request your solicitor to provide you an estimate of the amount of compensation that can acquired.

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