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Violation of Health and Safety Rules Responsible for Accidents at Work

Proper Health and Safety Practices Can Help Prevent Accidents at Work

Workplace accidents are increasingly becoming common incidents in the UK business and commercial sectors. Thousands of accidents at work are recorded every year. Most of these accidents could have been easily avoided if the employer or business owners were a bit concerned about the workers’ health and safety and introduced preventive measures to keep the occurrence of such unfortunate events in check. Organizational practices that ensure safety at "accidents at work"work can help a business enjoy a competitive advantage by bringing down costs and maintaining the safety laws. The government of the United Kingdom is extremely strict and sees breach of the safety laws seriously. The penalties for infracting the health and safety laws can be serious. A worker who has sustained an accident at work needs to prove the responsibility of his employer in causing the accident. If he can prove that the negligence of his employer to be the prime reason behind his accident and consequent sufferings, he will be granted a good amount of money to compensate the financial losses incurred by the mishap. The money awarded as compensation will definitely alleviate his physical pain and emotional suffering, but will indubitably help him bear the higher medical expenditures. The monetary compensation will also help him in the instance of loss of income caused by the accident.

Focusing on the Health and Safety Laws in the United Kingdom

There are a large number of laws in the United Kingdom which are all designed to ensure the health and safety at work. A violation of these rules and regulations is treated as a criminal offence all throughout the United Kingdom. In England and Wales, violation of the health and safety laws can lead to a fine of up to £20,000.  Let us focus on some of the fundamental laws governing the health and safety at the UK workplaces and business centers.

The six pack laws have come up with a collection of health and safety regulations to safeguard the risky workplaces and reduce the number of work accidents and fatalities. The “six pack” regulations include the management of health and safety at work regulations 1999, manual handling operations regulations 1992, workplace (health, safety and welfare) regulations 1992, provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998,  health and  safety (display screen equipment) regulations 1992 and personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992.

According to the health and safety laws, the employers need to ensure that the dust, dirt, noise and fumes in the workplace are under control. He should make sure that the machineries used to execute the operations are all safe for use. It is also important to provide the employees with protective attires which would help protect their bodies while at work. It is also a part of the responsibilities of the employer to take necessary measures against accidental fire and offer ample means to escape the workplace if situations demand. It is also the duty of the business owner to arrange for first aid facilities at the workstation. Similarly, the employees also need to be cautious enough while walking around in the worksite. Specifically the construction site workers need to be careful while working in the area where manual handling and transportation of heavy goods take place. Moreover, they should use the specialized equipments carefully to avoid sever cuts and wounds. There are several instances of accidents at work in the UK where the mishap has been the result of the inadvertence of the victim.

Who Implements the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations in the UK?

It is the Health and Safety Executive that has devised and implemented the workplace health and safety regulations in the United Kingdom. This non-departmental public body came into existence in 1970. It was basically formed with the sole objective to reduce the number of work accidents in the nation. The local authorities operate in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to forestall the work-related accidents and formulate ways and means to bring down the accident rates. In spite of all the hard endeavors made by the health and Safety Executive (HSE), the rate of workplace accidents in the United Kingdom is on the rise. This is pretty alarming for the government of the nation. The government is, thus, urging the employers to take effective measures to combat the accidents at work. The UK government is sympathetic towards the work accident victims, but that is reparative but in no"accidents at work" way a preventive option.

The Employer Should Be Informed About a Work Accident

Many of the work accident victim fear of losing their job and do not inform their employers about an accident at work. However, this should not be the practice. The victimized employer should not only inform his employer about a work accident, but should file a work accident claim if the mishap has been caused by somebody else. The victim can file a lawsuit against the employer if the latter is directly or indirectly responsible for the event. The employer has no right to chuck the employee out only because he filed a claim against the employer.

Safety Training Can Be a Magic Bullet to Pull Down Work Accident Rates

Introduction of safety training can be one of the most effective methods to prevent work-related accidents. The employers should recognize the effectiveness of safety training and introduce adequate training programs for the workers dealing with specialized equipments and unique work processes. Proper safety training to the workers will not only prevent unfortunate occurrences in the workplaces, but will also enhance the productivity and help the workers complete their work in no time. Other than safety training, the employers need to provide the workers with safety equipments.

Guidance of a Professional Solicitor Can Help You Get High Compensation

If an accident occurs even after all precautions and preventive measures and the victim has no contribution in causing the mishap, the injured person can approach a professional solicitor and file a lawsuit claiming compensation.

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