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Warehouse Accident Claims

Were you involved in a warehouse accident at work which subsequently led to injury? If your employer, or a fellow colleague failed to comply with basic safety legislation and this led to you being injured as a result, our warehouse injury claims specialists could help you to find out whether you’re entitled to compensation for your suffering.

100% Free Evaluation And Maximum Injury Compensation

Warehouse accident claims for compensation are most commonly brought for heavy lifting and strain injuries, however you might also be eligible if you suffered a slip or fall due to a spillage, sustained electric shock due to faulty equipment or you suffered a fall from height. Due to the severity of injuries sustained in warehouse accidents, the level of compensation awarded can often be higher than for other types of personal injury. The amount to which you are entitled will usually be determined by the results of a medical report, coupled with any loss of amenity or mobility attributed to your injuries.

These figures provide guideline examples of compensation for common warehouse injury claims:

  • Mild tinnitus/ partial hearing loss caused by exposure to excessive noise: up to £9,750*Warehouse-Accident-Claim
  • Minor back strain/ sprain caused by over-exertion or heavy lifting duties: £5,150 – £8,250*
  • Serious back injury leading to disk fracture or associated orthopaedic injury: £45,750 – £53,000*
  • Moderate brain damage caused by a fall from height: up to £144,000*
  • Partial loss of index or middle finger caused by faulty machinery: £10,250 – £12,250*
  • Moderate hand injuries, such as second-degree burns or lacerations: £8,700 – £19,000*
  • Severe arm injury leading to partial, yet permanent disablement: £25,750 – £39,300*
  • Moderate leg injury (such as a fracture or break) caused by a fall from height: £25,150 – £36,000*

Our warehouse accident claims solicitors carry out a thorough assessment of your case by looking at the impact of your injuries on your life as a whole. This means you could also be entitled to compensation for financial losses, more commonly known as ‘special damages’.

To find out whether you might be entitled to additional compensation for loss of earnings and other expenditure, contact our warehouse injury claims specialists via the online form provided. We’ll provide an immediate appraisal of your claim based on the information submitted and call you at a time to suit with the results of our findings.

Primary Causes of Injury Leading To Warehouse Accident Claims

Despite their size, warehouses are generally confined work environments and are often overcrowded due to the number of people, machinery and stock taking up vast amounts of space. Whether working at ground level operating a fork-lift truck, or ascending ladders to retrieve stock for orders, the potential for injury is a constant risk all employees should be aware of. Unfortunately, not all employers see fit to educate workers about health and safety in the workplace. Lax attitudes toward safety management, risk assessments, training and  maintenance account for the vast majority of warehouse accident claims filed in the UK, however, relatively few employers are ever prosecuted as a result.

Could you be entitled to file a warehouse injury claim due to employer negligence? Our warehouse injury claims solicitors could assist you if your employer:

  • Failed to provide adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or clothing in order for you to carry out your duties safely.
  • Did not provide adequate training for heavy lifting procedures or use of machinery.
  • Failed to carry out regular risk assessments and/ or servicing of equipment.
  • Neglected to carry out/ arrange urgent maintenance work for flooring/ equipment defects.
  • Breached their duty of responsibility to you as an employee in any other way that resulted in preventable injury.

No Win No Fee Warehouse Accident Claims – No Cost and No Catch

Have you suffered injury in your place of work through no fault of your own? If so, you will likely qualify for no win no fee legal assistance. There are many different interpretations of conditional fee agreements, however we believe that accident victims shouldn’t have to worry about the financial costs associated with warehouse accident claims. This is why we offer our services on a fully transparent no win no fee basis with the assurance that, win or lose, you’ll never have to pay a penny in legal fees. Our own fees are sought in a separate claim from the opposition, so there’ll be no nasty surprises at any stage of the litigation process.

Taking legal action after a work-related accident can seem a daunting prospect, but with the support of our warehouse injury claims specialists, you don’t have to go through it alone. For confidential advice and a free claim assessment, complete our no-obligation enquiry form online or call us on the free-phone number above.