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What to do if you come across Accidents at Work?

Should an employer be legally responsible for accidents at work due to machine failure? Debating over the legal responsibility of the business employer first one need to consider know that the business owners are entitled to provide safety to the workers and if they fail so then he can be dragged to the "accident at work"court and asked for compensation. The employer should maintain the machines and supervise everything to make sure that safety standard is preserved within the workplace. A failure to do so might cause severe injuries to the workers. Amputation is one of the common injuries that happen as the result of the machine failure. But then such accidents might also cause because of the inadequate knowledge of the employees on using the machine. Even though, it is the responsibility of the employer to conduct training sessions before asking the employee to work with advanced machines. Thus, if you have suffered from any work accidents where the employer is related directly or indirectly then you are eligible to ask claim. Legally, the employer is entitled to have insurance to meet up the emergencies of the company. Hence, those who have taken a back from claiming in a fear of loosing their jobs should come forth to win what they deserve. Scan through the below mentioned domains to know the ways to prove the guilt on the litigant’s part for machine failure.

  • Write down the date, time and place of the work accident. Visit the nearby police station to make sure that you have lodged the report in order to authenticate the accident legally.
  • Take snaps of the machine and your injury. The photograph will depict the then condition of the injured and the machine as well.
  • Try to gather the last bill of servicing of the machine that might prove the negligence of the employer on maintaining the machineries.
  • Mention in the report that whether you were given any training. If not then you are liable to ask claim from the employer.
  • Try to take the consent of the colleagues or the eye witnesses about the work accident. Eye witness’s valuable verdict might increase the chance of winning successful claim.
  • See the doctor to get hold of the medical report that will help you to prove the injury endured by the victimized worker. Moreover, one can even decide the deadline of the claim with the acknowledgement report.
  • See that if some other work accident cases have been registered under the same Company.

Once you find these then think of calculating the amount of the compensation. You might also hire accidents at work solicitors offering free services to innumerable plaintiffs in the UK. Their assistance can be lucrative to gather more evidences against the guilty. With their over the years experiences they have been able to secure fair value of compensation for their clients, Thus, hiring them can be a smart move on your part. Check their websites to select the suitable one for your case.

Other than machine failure there is whole lot of circumstances that might lead to several work accidents. Though, the UK government has regulated compensation for the victimized worker, yet not all cases are claimable. With the growing numbers of accidents at work claims over the years the government with its councils has implemented strict rules on sanctioning claims to the plaintiffs. Lots of verification is done before accepting a case. Thus, it is suggested not to exaggerate the case as it might develop misunderstandings and misconceptions. This write-up might help you to know about the varied work accident cases that are claimable.

  • Spillage of liquids on the work floors may lead to slip and trip accidents. Neck and back strain are common injuries other than fracture. Whiplashes might also develop as the result of the same.
  • Using vibratory machines might make the nerves numbs thereby causing vibrations in the body or especially around the arm area. It might later develop severe neurological problems as well.
  • Whilst travelling in office’s motor the employee might come across road traffic accidents that are claimable as well.
  • Unhygienic work conditions may spread diseases and lead to various health hazards.
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals might cause fatal diseases such as, mesothelioma and lung cancer etc. Such health hazards leading to death beds are claimable. The family members of the work accident victims are liable to claim on behalf of them.
  • Whilst working at the constructional sites the worker might fall off from heights directly hitting his head that might cause severe brain injuries as well.
  • Forklift malfunction is destined to happen if servicing is not done timely. With the loosening of the attachments whilst at work the workers might get injured with severe wounds.

With the above mentioned accidents at work cases you are eligible to file the claim.  Remember to do so within the tenure of three years as regulated by the UK government. Otherwise the claim might get cancelled which might be traumatic for the plaintiffs. Make sure you have enough evidences to support your claim.

There are endless work accident victims who may not want to drag the employer to the court. In such case the bosses might try to negotiate the amount of compensation in an unfair way. The solicitors in the UK offer mutual settlement benefits to their clients. They also offer no win no fee agreement to their clients especially for those who can not afford to pay the fees. Once you sign such an agreement the lawyers are entitled to provide free services to the clients until they win the case. They ensure to provide 100% compensation to the plaintiffs and make sure that the deal is settled with fair means. Hence you might hire their legal assistance and win compensation to meet the ends.

Why it is Essential to Report Work Accidents?

When it is the duty of the employer to provide security and safety to the worker and he fails to keep up to his responsibility then it is essential to report the accidents at work to the nearby police station. Moreover, if you are not reporting the work accident then you will be disobeying your legal duty. The accidents are not only reported to secure a successful claim but also to make sure that such incidents do not take place further within the work premises. The various reporting agencies in the UK verify the case to ensure that the facts and figures are based on true events and thereby arrange for safety communicative sessions in the work place. By doing this they try to create awareness within the employer and the employee as well.

How to Report Work Accident?                                                

As soon as you meet accidents at work make sure to report it to the Health and Safety Manager of the workplace so that he may note it down in the accident book in order to further accident in the company. According to the company’s policy you may have to fill a work accident form stating about the injuries and the aftereffect of the accident. Read on the following to know the ways to fill in "accidents at work"the accident report form.

  • Write down the name of the work accident victim along with his personal details that include, address, contact number etc.
  • Mention the type of accident with its date, time and place. The type will decide whether it is fast track case or slow track case. In case of fast track case the victim is entitled to get compensated with higher amount of compensation whereas the opposite happens with slow track cases.
  • Make sure whilst describing the accident you provide minute details about the case. Write down the genre of the accident along with the injury so that it might later help you to secure right amount of compensation.
  • If possible provide the snap of the object that has caused work accident injuries to the worker so that the machine might be verified and checked to ensure the actual reason of malfunction of the machine. Moreover, it is expected that the owner might be careful from now onwards regarding the safety of the workers.

This report might be checked by the solicitors when they will take over your case. Remember there should be relevance with the information given in the accident report and the online claim made to the solicitors. You might keep a copy of the report lodged in the workplace with the health and safety at work executive in order to avoid any sort of confusions in the long-run of the claiming procedure.

Accidents at work may result in terrible outcome as the worker may even run out of his job with a feeling of disability to work. Thus, a claim might help to make up for the loss endured by the victim. The victim is entitled to include both financial and non-financial damages in the claim and get payouts for the same.

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