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What Would Be Your Action Following an Accident at Work?

"accident at work"Cut fingers, slips and trips and burn injuries are common incidents in most of the UK workplaces. The construction sites and manufacturing industry mostly witness the work accidents. As per the reports published by the Health and Safety executive, the number of accidents at work in the United Kingdom is rising alarmingly. But, who is to be blamed for the rise in work accidents? In most instances, it is the negligence of the employers that contribute to the work accidents. Most of the workplace mishaps could be easily avoided if the employers were a bit eager to provide the employees with a safe and healthy workplace. However, the victims of a work accident need not be worried. If an accident at work occurs due to the negligence of the employer or somebody else, the victim or his family members and close relatives can take initiatives and file a work accident compensation claim with the help of a personal injury solicitor.

You should follow a plan of action after an accident at work. You should do the following things after the workplace mishap:

  • Receive Medical Attention: Each business owner and company entrepreneurs should have First Aid arrangements in their workstations. No matter how minor or serious is your workplace injury; you should immediately see a doctor. Make sure that you convey the details of the accident to the medical practitioner so that he can include it in your medical records.
  • Reporting The Mishap: It is important to inform the employer about the accident. Do not forget to include the incident in the accident record book of your company. If your employer does not respond positively and denies paying you the deserved compensation, you can report your accident to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and approach a personal injury solicitor to file a lawsuit against the guilty party. Remember, you need to inform the Health and Safety Executive on the day of the mishap or within 48 hours of the incident.
  • Collect Evidences: it is important to accumulate the evidences supporting the accident at work. Try to take a snap of the accident site and your injury. The photographs can help the judge to get an idea of the severity of the injury. The medical prescriptions and x-ray reports can be a great means to prove the occurrence.
  • Contact a Solicitor: It is not the job of a layman to file a work accident claim. Contacting a professional personal injury solicitor can be the ideal option for maximum your compensation following a workplace accident. A professional who is an expert in dealing with the work accident cases now how to handle a case and represent it in the court. He will use the collected evidences and back them up by his logical arguments to convince the judge to grant the best possible amount of compensation. Thus, it is important to look for a reputable solicitor who would not only give you suggestions and present your case in the court to provide you justice, but will also provide you with the psychological strength to come back to normal life.

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