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Where and Why to Report Accident at Work?

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch reported, since 2005 till date innumerable numbers of fisherman are loosing their lives whilst at sea. Thus, the fishing industry of the UK is taking initiatives to provide safety to the fisherman whilst at work. These genres of accident at work can be seen almost everywhere, the only difference being the type of the accident and its reason. Whether it is occupational disease, death at sea, medical negligence, workplace accidents can not be avoided even one take measures to overcome it. However, if the accident has occurred due to the negligence of the business owner or other colleague than the injuries at the workplace can be claimable. accident at workThe victim is entitled to claim both for major and minor injuries if it has happened at other’s expense. There are many agencies where either the employee or the employer can report the workplace accidents that will help to ensure safety measures. Out of all the three most important agencies that keep the record of the accidents are,

  • The Local Environment Health Department: If you are business owner and employee you can report office based, warehouse, sports based, residential, and places of worship related accident to the executives of the Local Environment Health Department. However, acquiring reports from this agency can be beneficial for a work accident victim as it might help him to achieve a successful accident at work claim providing authenticity to the case.  You can report both major and minor injuries such as, occupational disease, fractures and sprains when playing, slip and trip accidents at the worship places etc.
  • The Health and Safety Executive: The victims can report major and minor injuries occurring at the constructional sites, agricultural environment, vehicle repairing agencies, manufacturing industries chemical plants, hospitals and nursing homes etc. Injuries such as, fatal diseases, sudden amputation of body parts due to failure of machines, exposure of chemicals leading to several harmful diseases, medical negligence leading to deaths, stillbirth, potential health hazards and physical or mental disability, which is caused out of wrong diagnosis, medications so on and so forth.
  • The Incident Contact Centre: This is set up by the Health and Safety Executive to rationalize the accident at work cases. They keep an account of the various workplace accidents happening throughout the country so that they can provide details regarding the accident to enforcing authorities. Moreover, the court may also consider the information of these agencies while sanctioning claims.

All the above mentioned agencies keep vivid account of the workplace accidents that help to determine the graph of the injuries and accidents over the years. The executives that are hired by these agencies provide mathematical figures and analyze the graph of each types of accident cases carefully. They aim at protecting and preserving the safety of the countrymen and where workplace accidents are dominant the executives help the business owners with measures to avoid injuries whilst at work. They conduct training for the employees and educate them with the tactics to stay fit and healthy in the midst of work.

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